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  • The Great Depression and Education- Works Progress Administration (WPA)

    The Great Depression and Education- Works Progress Administration (WPA)
    WPA gave schools three simple, important things to make a school more successful and better working. More teachers to reduce burnout, money to buy supplies which are essential tools when it comes to learning. Free hot lunches for the students to fuel their learning brains as well as guaranteeing every child is fed.
  • Brown v. Board

    Brown v. Board
    “Separate but equal.” No child should get separate education due to their culture. No child should feel left out nor should they feel like the center of attention because of their skin color. Every child should be able to step into a classroom, learn with the whole class and leave feeling special because they are their own unique person because each and every child is and the teacher made every single one feel important.
  • Head Start and Title 1

    Head Start and Title 1
    Although not seeming to be successful, these two programs were intended for children of disadvantaged homes and low income, too. Giving these children an opportunity to learn, regardless of their home life. This program gives students coming from poverty equal opportunity and not to be left disadvantaged to students parents who can afford to put their children in preschool.
  • PL 94-142 Children with disabilities

    PL 94-142 Children with disabilities
    All children, disability or not deserve the right to education. However, children with disabilities have every right to get the services provided to them to help further their learning. No child should be at risk to fall behind because they have a disability, whether it visible or not. Every child is unique and should have services on hand that fits their lifestyle.
  • No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind
    Every child deserves equal opportunity when it comes to education. By enforcing these standards to everyone, it could hopefully keep all children on the same learning level they are supposed to be at and not behind. Every child can be move forward with the rest of the students and graduate together as well, instead of failing and having to do repeat years.