Historical moments in Education

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  • Child Study Movement

    Child Study Movement
    The child study movement was inspired by Darwin's theory of evolution and investigated how children's minds and personalities developed. Rooted in theories of Psychology and studied by Dr. G. Stanley Hall, it was studied and concluded that children's life and behaviors develop through a series of stages and each stages is relateable to a building block. This was crucial in developing age appropriate curriculum and attention to the child's nature.
  • Cardinal Principles Report of 1918

    Cardinal Principles Report of 1918
    Proponents of the report believed that requiring all students to follow the same traditional academic courses, reduced education inequality. It recognized that America's increasingly diverse population needed a common ground, such as a core curriculum within the schools. It encouraged students to be taught and prepared for professions or trade with "tracking" and established the blueprints for high schools today.
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    This land slide ruling in 1954 by the US Supreme Court decided that "Separate but Equal" was indeed "Inherently unequal". The ruling stated that education was the most important government function to prepare children for life in a democratic society, make them aware of cultural values, and prepare them for future professional training (Kaplan & Owings, 2015). The ruling ended segregation in public schools everywhere, spearheaded by the NAACP and several brave individuals.
  • IDEA Act - Education for All Handicapped Children (PL 94-142)

    IDEA Act - Education for All Handicapped Children (PL 94-142)
    The IDEA law is one that ensures services to children with disabilities throughout the nation. It provides specific programs within the public schools to children with noted disabilities while providing them procedural safeguards. Such programs that have come from this include the creation and use of IEPs, LREs, RTIs and Inclusion. Allows children with noted deficits to remain working alongside their peers while receiving services to help them succeed.
  • Common Core State Standards Initiative

    Common Core State Standards Initiative
    Created by the NGA Center and the CCSSO, to provide K-12 schools and parents with a clear and consistent framework on what students need to learn in order to be successful in college or the work force. Common Core is an evidenced based concept that utilizes ideas that align with college and career exploration and allows the US to give students the opportunity to be as successful as students in other countries.