Historical Foundations of U.S.

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  • Latin grammer school

    Latin grammer school
    Colonial schools established to provided male studetns with precollege education.
  • Massachusetts Act of 1642

    Massachusetts Act of 1642
    A law requiring each town to determine whether its young people could read or write.
  • Massachusetts Act of 1647

    A law mandating the establishments and support of schools
  • Benjamin Franklin Academy

    Benjamin Franklin Academy
    Designed and promoted the philadelphia Academy, a private school, Which opened in 1751. This school replaced the old Latin grammer school had curriculum that was broader and more practical and also focused on the english lanuage rather than latin.
  • Kingergarten Created

    Kingergarten Created
    A school for children before they begin formal schooling at the elementary level.
  • Normal Schools

    Normal Schools
    Schools that focus on the preparations of teachers. The first normal school open in Lexington, Massachusetts on July 3, 1839.
  • Morill Land-Grant Act

    Morill Land-Grant Act
    A act provided federal land that states could sell or rent funds to raise funds to establish colleges of argriculture and mechanical arts.
  • Freedmen's Bureau

    Freedmen's Bureau
    A U.S. goverment agency to provide assitance to former slaves after the civil war.
  • Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education

    An NEA commitee that called for a high school cirriculum designed to accommodate individual diffrences in scholastic ability and based on seven educational goals.
  • G.I. Bill

    G.I. Bill
    A federal law that provides veterans with payments for tution and room and boards at colleges and universities.
  • Brown Vs Board of Education

    Brown Vs Board of Education
    1954 U.S. supreme count case rejecting the seperate but equal doctrine used to prevent African American from attending schools with whites.
  • National Defense Education Act of 1958

    National Defense Education Act of 1958
    Sponsored programs to promote research and innovation in science, mathematics, modern foreign and guidance.
  • No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind
    A federal law that mandates statewide testing in reading and mathematics each year in grades 3-8 and holds school accountable for the students perfomance on state proficiency school.