Historical Events That Changed Public Education

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  • Schools for African Americans

    Schools for African Americans
    The Bureau of Refugees, Freedman, and Abandoned Lands all helped construct schools for African American children. With African Americans being freed from slavery and wanting the ability to learn how to read and write, this was a major step and a historical marker, that signified schooling for African Americans. This was groundbreaking for its time in all aspects of public education
  • Child Study Movement

    Child Study Movement
    G. Stanley Hall who started the the Child Study Movement paved the way for educators to really think about not only what they were teaching but how they were teaching. This movement helped shift education from merely teaching the subjects to helping children advance intellectually.
  • Committee of Ten

    Committee of Ten
    The Committee of Ten really set the pace for most liberal arts schools in the United States. With this change, all students regardless of their plans and/or background were required to take these courses. This was a major step for setting a core education used by all students in public high schools
  • The Cardinal Principles Report of 1918

    The Cardinal Principles Report of 1918
    The Cardinal Principals Report of 1918 was another change for public education that supplemented the liberal arts movement. This report recognized the more diverse population that was attending public schools and made efforts to supply a more universal education within the liberal arts study. This is important because this was a step in the right direction for minorities within the public education system.
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    The Brown v. Board of Education was a historical landmark not only for African American education, but for the United States as a whole. With racism reaching extreme heights, some of the worst segregation the United States has ever seen, and the discrimination towards African Americans, this case sent the U.S into chaos. But even in chaos, good can take place. African American children were now allowed to be in the same schools as white children and this was a radical step in public education.