Historical Events of American Education

  • Old Delude Satan law

    In 1647 The Geneal Court passed the Old Deluder Satan Law requiring towns to hire teachers
  • New England Primer

    This was an 88 page reader consisting of basic letters and passages from puritan texts such as the King james Bible
  • Grammatical Institute of the English Language textbook

    This book published by noah webster was the first american spelling book
  • First Public High School

    The first government owened/operated high school was opened in Boston
  • National Education Association

    The NEA was founded and consisted mostly of male teachers.
  • Morrill Land Grant Act

    This provided states with land to sell to use profits to finance public agricultural and technical schools
  • Achievement test

    The first achievment test was developed
  • Smith-Hughes Act

    This act was passed to appropriate funds for high school vocational programs
  • GIBill

    I n 1944 congress passed the GIBill to provide federal funding to soldiers for college
  • Impact Aid Law

    Was to give federal aid to local school districts affected by the federalizatin of lan for indian reservations
  • Desegregation of schools.

    The NAACP filed a lawsuit to allow both whites and blacks to attend the same schools.
  • National Defense Act

    Efforts made by the federal government to improve the mathematical and scientific preparation of american youth
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    passed to provide financial assistance to educational agencies for children of low income families.
  • National Assessment of Education Progress

    The federal government founded assessments for schools . It found clear correlations between acheivment and multiple socioeconomic backgrounds
  • PL 94-142

    this law consisted of 4 key points. It was the constitutional right of handicapped children to receive freee, appropriate, public school, provide federal funding , protect the rights of children and their families, and assess the effectiveness of the program.
  • Department of Education

    The federal level of the Department of Education was founded by President Jimmy Cater. This was to provide better educational opportunities to disadvantaged children.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    This action required mandated testing in schools to assure the government of yearly progree made by schools.
  • American Federal of Teachers

    The Aft was an agreesive defender of teachers. An affiliate of the AFT fought and won colloctive bargaining rights