Historical Energy Events

  • Coal

    Coal starts to replace other sources of energy such as wood, wind and oil.
  • Coal

    The first commercial coal production begins in Richmond, VA.
  • Natural Gas

    Natural Gas
    The first natural gas well is drilled in the US.
  • Oil

    The fist commerical oil well is drilled in Pennsylvania by Edwin Drake.
  • Standard Oil

    Standard Oil
    John D. Rockefellar establishes the Standard Oil company of Ohio.
  • Electric Plant

    Electric Plant
    The first electric plant was built in New York by Thomas Edison.
  • Hydroelectric Plant

    Hydroelectric Plant
    In Wisconsin, the first commercial hydroelectric plant went into operation.
  • Windmill

    The first windmill to generate electricity was developed in Ohio.
  • Modern Oil Industry

    Modern Oil Industry
    The modern oil industry began in Texas.
  • Ford Model T

    Ford Model T
    The first fuel powered car, the Ford Model T, went into mass production.