Historical Energy Events

  • Discovering Electricity

    Discovering Electricity
    Benjamin Franklin discovered the nature of electricity in 1752.
  • Electric Machine

    Electric Machine
    Thomas Davenport discovered the Electric Motor in 1837.
  • Electric Cell

    Electric Cell
    William Robert Grove developed the "Grove Cell" in 1839.
  • Electric Telegraph

    Electric Telegraph
    Samuel Morse invented the telegraph in 1844.
  • Electric Lightbulb/Motion Picture Camera

    Electric Lightbulb/Motion Picture Camera
    Thomas Edison developed the Motion Picture Camera and long-lasting Lightbulb in 1879.
  • Alternative Electric System

    Alternative Electric System
    In 1886, William Stanley developed an alternating current electric system.
  • Wind Turbine of Electricity

    Wind Turbine of Electricity
    Charles F. Brush invented the first Wind Turbine to generate electricity in 1888.
  • Solar Power Energy

    Solar Power Energy
    Antoine Henri Becquerel discovered the production of electricity from the sun.
  • Electric Power Plant

    Electric Power Plant
    Piero Ginori Conti invented the Geothermal Electric Power Plant in 1904.
  • Photoelectric Cells

    Photoelectric Cells
    Photoelectric Cells were discovered in 1923.