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Historical Energy Events

By Shockk
  • First Demonstration of Solar Power

    First Demonstration of Solar Power
    Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect which explains how electricity can be generated from sunlight
  • First Hydropower Plant

    First Hydropower Plant
    16 brush-arc lamps were powered by hydropower at the Wolverine Chair Factory in Michigan
  • First Wind Turbine

    First Wind Turbine
    Invented by Charles F. Brush in Ohio
  • First Hydroelectric Power

    First Hydroelectric Power
    Created in Niagara Falls, designed by a mining engineer
  • First Geothermal Power Plant

    First Geothermal Power Plant
    Made in Larderello, Italy by Prince Piero Ginori Conti. The first modern geothermal power plants were also built there
  • First Solar Cell

    First Solar Cell
    Russell Ohl invents the first solar cell
  • First Nuclear Plant

    First Nuclear Plant
  • First Geothermal Power Plant (In the USA)

    First Geothermal Power Plant (In the USA)
    Made at the Geysers dry steam field in northern California. This is also home to the largest producing geothermal field in the world.
  • Windpower Conference & Exhibition

    Windpower Conference & Exhibition
    All these people who have ideas for windpower and want to help the environment get together in Texas to share ideas and make the world a better place!
  • First Biomass Plant

    First Biomass Plant
    First demonstrated by Abengoa Bioenergía