Historical Enegry Events

By Damara
  • term "Battery"

    term "Battery"
    Benjamin Franklin first coined the term "battery"
  • Electric Motor

    Electric Motor
    First Electric motor was invented by William Stergeon in 1832: the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison and other men make a successful light bulb, which lasts for more than thirteen hours. On September 4, Edison opens first commercial electric power station for incandescent lighting in the U.S in New York City
  • Energy Waves

    Energy Waves
    Henry Hertz discovers energy waves.
  • Geothermal Energy

    Geothermal Energy
    World's first commercial geothermal power plant built
  • Solar Energy Cell

    Solar Energy Cell
    Ruseel Ohl invented the solar cell which allows us to harvest energy from the sun
  • Department of Energy

    Department of Energy
    President Jimmy Carter gave his famous energy conservation speech and that same year, the Department of Energy was formed.
  • First Windfarm in the World

    First Windfarm in the World
    The world's first wind farm was created in Lempster, New Hampshire in 1980. Exact date unknown.
  • Energy Star

    Energy Star
    Energy Star was formed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. They promote energy efficient producst to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. No specific date is available, but it was in 1992
  • Comprehensive Energy Bill

    Comprehensive Energy Bill
    President George Bush signs the comprehensive Energy Bill.