Historic Energy Events

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  • Discovering Electricity

    Discovering Electricity
    Ben Franklin tried a key onto a kite in a storm to prove that static electricity and lightning were the same. His findings paved the way for future inventions and innovations.
  • Battery

    The first electric battery was invented by Volta.
  • Electric Motor

    Electric Motor
    Invented by Michael Faraday.
  • Induction Ring

    Induction Ring
    Michael Faraday used the induction ring to prove that electricity can be induced by changes in an electromagnetic field.
  • James Prescott Joule

    James Prescott Joule
    Showed that energy is cnserved in electrical circuits involving current flow, thermal heating, and chemical transformations.
  • J.C. Maxwell

    J.C. Maxwell
    Created a new era of physics. Unified magnetism, electricity, and light. Maxwell's four laws of electrodynamics eventually led to electric power, radios, and television.
  • Lightbulb

    Thomas Edison invented an incandescent lightbulb that could be used for around 40 hours.
  • E.W v. Siemens

    E.W v. Siemens
    The electric streetcar was invented.
  • Pearl Street Station

    Pearl Street Station
    Thomas Edison opened the Pearl Street Station, one of the world's first central electric power plants.
  • Hydroelectric Station

    Hydroelectric Station
    The first hydroelectric station opened in Wisconsin.
  • Alternating Current

    Alternating Current
    Nikola Tesla invented the electric alternator that produces alternating current, (AC).
  • Sir Charles Algernon Parsons

    Sir Charles Algernon Parsons
    Invented the steam turbine generator.
  • Charles Brush

    Charles Brush
    The first use of a large windmill was used to generate electricity, to charge batteries.
  • Powerline

    The first powerline was opened in California.
  • Fisk St. Station

    Fisk St. Station
    A 5-Megawatt turbine was used.
  • T. Murray

    Created the first air pollution control device.
  • FPC

    Federal Power Commission
  • Power Acts

    Public Utility Holding Company Act, Federal Power Act, Securities and Exchange Commission, and Bonneville Power Administration.
  • Hoover Dam

    The Hoover Dam was completed and the Rural Electrification Act was passed.
  • Shippingport

    The first nuclear plant provided electricity to the U.S.