¡Historia de la Salsa!

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  • Origin

    Salsa dancing originates in Cuba as a partner/ group dance.
  • Salsa Dance evolves

    Salsa Dance evolves
    The salsa starts to evolve and become reflective of other dances such as Danzon, Guaguanco, Mambo, and Afro-Cuban.
  • Cuban "Casino" Style

    Cuban "Casino" Style
    This style is a more fast paced version of the salss, where the "down" beats are 1,3,5, and 7 and the "up" beats are 2,4,6 and 8. This type of dance was considered to better embody the external influences of the culture.
  • New York Style

    New York Style
    The New York style Salsa is a colloboration of latin music with jazz. It is very similar to LA style, in the sense that it was influenced by the Mambo, except, it is danced in a line.
  • Los Angeles Style

    Los Angeles Style
    Los Angeles style is strongly influenced by Mambo and Swing and can be seen in many of todays dance clubs.