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    Atomic Bomb Created

    Manhattan Project started and the atomic bomb is thought up of and finally completed in 1945 all with the help of Robert Oppenheimer. He was credited with the creation of the Atomic Bomb. However, it was Albert Einstein who developed the idea to use purified uranium-235 to make an atomic bomb.
  • The Boeing B-29 Superfortress

    The Boeing B-29 Superfortress
    The B-29 was an American plane used in the bombing of Hiroshima. It was introduced in May, 1944 and retired in June 1960. It is a $9 million project to produce a B-29. This strategic bomber was used for many years in the United States Air Force as well as the Royal Air Force.
  • Little Boy Specifications

    Little Boy Specifications
    Atomic bomb that destroyed hiroshima, named Little Boy by Robert Serber, got its explosive power from the nuclear fission of Uranium 235. It was 120" in length, 28" in diameter, and weighed 9,700 lbs. Even though it weighed over 3 tons, there was only about 700 milligrams of material that actually produced the heat and explosion. It was a gun-like weapon that sent a mass of Uranium 235 down a cylinder to another mass of it.
  • The Pilots

    The Pilots
    The pilot of the B29 Enola Gay was Lt. Col. Paul W. Tibbets. The co-pilot was Robert Lewis. When the pilots turned the plane to watch the bomb explode, Robert Lewis said, "My God, what have we done?".
  • Japan Before Hiroshima

    Japan Before Hiroshima
    Japan had two governments in 1945: one was a military government determined to fight to the death, the other was a civilian government that recognize the need to surrender. The military clearly held the upper hand, making the civilian leaders decisions pointless through political intimidation and threats of imprisonment or even death.
  • U.S. Before Hiroshima

    U.S. Before Hiroshima
    After losing millions of American lives, Harry Truman and the rest of the United States didn't want to sacrifice anyone else. The President finally decided to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima to let Japan know they needed to surrender or worse was to come.
  • Atomic Bomb Tested

    Atomic Bomb Tested
    The atomic bomb, Little Boy, was first tested at a top secret base called Alamogordo. It was a success. There were over 1,054 tests, and only 2 attacks.
  • The Potsdam Declaration

    The Potsdam Declaration
    President Harry Truman ordered Japan to surrender or "the alternative for Japan [would be] prompt and utter destruction." Japan did not aggree to this at first, so the U.S. had to turn to drastic measures.
  • Enola Gay Gets Ready For Takeoff

    Enola Gay Gets Ready For Takeoff
    Enola Gay manned by Paul W. Tibbits has the bomb armed and ready when they leave Tinian at 2:45 AM. The don't arrive over their target until 8:15, which is when Little Boy was then dropped from the plane.
  • How the Japanese Reacted

    How the Japanese Reacted
    At first Emporer Hirohito of Japan didn't believe it was an atomic bomb. The Japanese didn't think we had the knowledge to develope it yet, they figured it was still in the process of being created.
  • The Impact Of The Explosion

    The Impact Of The Explosion
    Little Boy exploded in Hiroshima at 8:16:2. Immediatley 80,000 died from the explosion from the 9,000 lb bomb that was equivilant to 20,000 tons of TNT. At the epicentre of the explosion it was 7,000 degrees F, and people's clothing from one and a quarter miles away caught on fire and roof tiles melted. The explosion shattered windows and was still felt 37 miles away. Wind speeds of up to 620 mph flattened every building within a mile's radius.
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    Radiation Lasts

    Radiation in Hiroshima lasted nearly five months. Symptoms from the radiation were closely related to the symptoms that showed up in experimental animals who were exposed to large amounts of X-rays. Symptoms included hair loss, bleeding into the skin, mouth and throat inflamation, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever
  • Japan Surrenders

    Japan Surrenders
    6 days after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Hirohito finally surrenders and accepts the terms and conditions of the Potsdam Declaration. The United States celebrates in victory!
  • Hiroshima Hit By The Makurazaki Typhoon

    Hiroshima Hit By The Makurazaki Typhoon
    Just a month after Little Boy was dropped a typhoon strikes Hiroshima killing 3,756 people. This was very unfortunate for Japan and it further extended the amount of time it would take for Japan to recover after WW2.