History of Hershey

  • Lancaster Caramel Company

    Lancaster Caramel Company
    In Lancaster,PA Milton tried to gain profit. He decided to start the Lancaster Caramel company which luckily was a hit.
  • Hershey founded

    Hershey founded
    It was founded in Derry,PA. This was when the Hershey's company became big thanks to Hershey's cocoa which was the first Hershey's product to be sold to the public.
  • first factory

    first factory
    Chocolate was originally expensive and sold to the wealthy.However, Milton tried to make chocolate affordable to everyone.
  • Milton built a model town

    Milton built a model town
    It occured 1903-1905. Because Milton wanted to give workers a more lively experience, he decided to build a model town.
  • Hersheypark

    Milton built Hersheypark so that employees could have fun. It was also open to the employees' families.
  • Hershey Kisses

    Hershey Kisses
    Hershey Kisses were introduced. At first the Kisses were hand wrapped in foil, but now they just use a machine. They were originally called "Silvertops".
  • Hershey's almond bar

    Hershey's almond bar
    The first Hershey's treat with nuts is introduced. He hoped to make the Hershey's bar more of a hit and appeal to more people.
  • school

    Milton Hershey School opened. The school gave orphaned boys an education and a good life.
  • Kitty dead

    Kitty dead
    Milton Hershey's wife,Kitty, died the evening of March 25,1915. She asked for a glass of champagne that afternoon, but by the time her husband had returned from the kitchen, she was dead. She died of pneumonia.
  • big,BiG,BIG

    The Hershey's company started becoming bigger and bigger. It soon became so big that the company got its name trademarked.
  • Mr.Goodbar

    Hershey introduced Mr.Goodbar for only 10 cents. It was the first Hershey bar with peanuts.
  • Chocolate syrup

    Chocolate syrup
    Hershey's Chocolate Syrup started being sold in stores. It was originally sold in cans. The Hershey's Chocolate Syrup was used in milk to make chocolate milk.
  • Hershey's outdoors

    Hershey's outdoors
    The Girl Scout handbook featured the first S'mores recipe. It included the Hershey's chocolate bar.
  • "Great Building Campaign"

    "Great Building Campaign"
    Milton built the "Great Building Campaign" in 1929 in Hershey,PA. This gave people work during the Great Depression. It ended in 1939.
  • Krackel bar

    Krackel bar
    The Krackel bar consisted of Hershey's chocolate,crisped rice, and almonds. However, now they deleted the almonds from the recipe.
  • mini

    Hershey bars were now available in bite size miniatures. They started being sold in an assortment, and later the dark mini's were replaced with semi-sweet mini's.

    The D bar was introduced to help soldiers. It helped because it was high in calories and had a high melting point and it also was wrapped in wax paper. This helped the soldiers survive and it kept out any poison and unwanted gases.
  • Donations and deaths

    Donations and deaths
    Milton decided to donate his wealth to charities throughout his town. He wanted to do this before he died, so that his town would be provided for after his death.
  • tropical bar

    tropical bar
    The tropical bar was also made for soldiers. Specifically ones that worked in tropical regions. It was used as an emergency food source.In 1971, the tropical bar went into space with astronauts.
  • Hershey dead

    Hershey dead
    Milton Hershey died at age 88 of pneumonia. He passed away October 13,1945 in Hershey Hospital.
  • colors

    Hershey Kisses started being sold in colorful wrappers. This made their candy appealing to the eye.
  • Reese's

    Hershey's buys Reese's company due to unfortunate circumstances. The Reese's company was sold because the owner's sons after he died of a heart attack.
  • Darks

    Hershey's introduced the Special Dark bar. The Dark bar contained much more cocoa and was healthier.
  • World of chocolate

    World of chocolate
    Hershey's opens Hershey's Chocolate World. It was the first candy related theme park.
  • more info

    more info
    Hershey starts to give nutritional information on wrappers. In fact, they were the first candy company to do that.
  • Reese's growth

    Reese's growth
    The Reese's candy becomes bigger and production has to keep up with the growing love for the cups. Because of this love, the Hershey company invents Reese's pieces.
  • symphony

    Hershey's Chocolate Company now renamed to Hershey Chocolate USA introduces the Symphony bar. This bar has almonds and toffee in it.
  • no heat!

    no heat!
    Hershey uses the formula from the D bar and the tropical bar to create a heat resistant bar. This bar is sent in hundreds of thousands to soldiers in the Gulf War.
  • more kisses

    more kisses
    Hershey creates mini kisses also known as baking chips or chocolate chips. They also made a new type of kiss called Hugs which are white chocolate.
  • white chocolate

    white chocolate
    Hershey's introduced the Cookies 'n' Creme bar to the public. It tasted similar to an Oreo.
  • Cookie layer crunch

    Cookie layer crunch
    Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch launched December 4, 2017. Each cookie layer crunch had a crunchy outside and a soft filling.