Henry Winstanley and the Eddystone Lighthouse

  • Wistanley's Waterworks Opens

    Henry Winstanley opens a theater using fireworks and water mechanisms in what I think is Cornwall, England
  • Winstanley's Ships Wrecked

    Henry Winstanley bought 5 commercial ships, 5 of which got shipwrecked on the trecherous Eddystone Reef, a small pile of rocks off the coast of the county of Cornwall that is famous for its shipwrecks. Winstanley realizes something must be done about the Reef.
  • The First Eddystone Lighthouse is Started

    Henry Winstanley is given permission to start constructing the first lighthouse on Eddystone Reef.
  • Winstanley is Kidnapped by the French

    An Admirality Ship that was supposed to be protecting Winstanley and his fellow builders didn't show up, so French privateers kidnapped him. Almost immediatley afterwards, King Louis XIV ordered his release so he could build the lighthouse.
  • The first Lighthouse is completed

    After two long years of construction, Winstanley and his crew finish the Lighthouse on this day.
  • Lighthouse is Damaged in Winter Storm

    Winstanley's lighthouse is severely damaged during Cornwall, England's winter, and must be rebuilt
  • Winstanley Completely Changes the Lighthouse

    During the spring of 1699, Henry Winstanley hears his lighthouse creak, so he removes it a little while after repairing it. Then, he makes a larger, more colorful and elaborate tower, a strange style of Rococo.
  • Winstanley dies in his own lighthouse

    Winstanley, so confident of his lighthouse, wishes to be in it during a storm. On the 26th of November, the Eddystone Lighthouse was damaged during the Great Storm of 1703, so Winstanley went to repair it. The following day, both lighthouse and occupants were missing because the storm swept them away.