henry ford /henry VIII GC2

  • Jun 13, 1522

    Henry VIII 1522

    English iron workers using blast furnaces developed the technique of producing cast iron cannons which, while not as durable as the prevailing bronze cannons, they were much cheaper and enabled England to arm its navy more easily.
  • Jun 14, 1528

    henry VIII

    henry VIII changed war fare in the sea by adding guns and revolutionizing ships. He expaned on ships he inheritied, adding 56 to his original 15.
  • Jun 14, 1535

    Henry VIII

    Introduced progressive and effecient tax schemes to fund his ever increasing government expenditures. His tax reform made for an even distribution of the tax burden amongst his subjects.
  • Jun 14, 1541

    Henry VIII

    He turned vicious later in life,beheading his wives amongst others. He was known as the Lion.
  • Henry Ford

    Set an industry standard to have steering wheel on the left side of the car.
  • Henry Ford

    Used and improved on the assembly line to manufacture cars efficiently and affordably. Cut the time to make a single car from 12 1/2 hours to less than 6 hours
  • Henry Ford

    Made wages fair by radicaly changing pay to $5 a day and decreasing the work day to 8 hours.
  • Henry Ford

    Later in life he became an antisemite, writting many articles against jews and praising Adolf Hitler.