Henry ford 1919


  • Civil War

    Civil War
    The civil war started on April 12,1961 and ended May 9,1865. It was the most devastating war. The war was fought between the North and South. It was caused by mulitple things but a couple were the election of Abraham Lincoln because they believed he was on the northern states side. (Americanhistory.about.com). Henry Ford was about 2 years old when the civil war ended. (Richards,14)
  • Henry Ford is born

    Henry Ford is born
    Henry Ford was born in Dearborn, Michigan on his family's farm.(Harris 7). His parents were William and Mary Ford. Henry was the oldest of 5 children including two brothers and 2 sisters.(newworldencyclopedia.com),(thefamouspeople.com)
  • Statue of Liberty

    Statue of Liberty
    The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France in celebration for the end of the American Civil War. The statue is hand-made out of copper and it is an enduring symbol of freedom and democracy. It was dedicated to the President at the time, Grover Cleveland. It is now located on Liberty Island in upper New York Bay. (HISTORY.com)
  • Henry Ford and Clara Bryant

    Henry Ford and Clara Bryant
    Henry Ford and Clara Bryant got married after a long engagement. They met at a New Year's Ball when he was 21 and Clara was 19. Clara was the oldest girl in her family of 9 siblings. The wedding took place on Clara's 22nd birthday at her parent's home in Greenfield Township, Michigan. (HISTORY.com),(Biographyyourditionary.com)
  • Henry and Clara have their first son

    Henry and Clara have their first son
    Henry and Clara had their first son, Edsel. He was born in Detroit, Michigan.Edsel was Henry and Clara's only child. (Harris,3)
  • Horseless carriage

    Horseless carriage
    Henry Ford finished building his horseless carriage. The "Quadricycle" was his first gas powered vehicle,(Harris,4). On the Quadricycle, there was no reverse, instead there was only two forward gears on the gearbox.(Corporate.ford.com)
  • Ford Company

    Ford Company
    The Ford Motor Company was established. The company as a whole spent $28,000 by the time they sold their first model car in July of 1903. By October of 1903 they had brought in a profit of $37,000. (Corporate.Ford.com)
  • The first Model T was created

    The first Model T was created
    Henry Ford created the first Model T car. It was the first vehicle affordable for most Americans during that time. The "Tin Lizzie" was in such high demand that Ford began to use techinques of mass production. Those techniques allowed the average price to go from $850 to $300 between 1908 and 1925. (HISTORY.com)
  • World War I

    World War I
    World War I is also called thee Great War. It occured between the years of 1914 and 1918. It involved ost nations in Europe, along with Russia, United States, and the Mddle East. The war was against mainly Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey. Also fought against their strongest allies, France,Great Britian, Italy, Japan and the United States later on in 1917. World War I caused a lot of destruction around the world. (Britannia.com)
  • Ford's controversy

    Ford's controversy
    Ford drew controversy for his pacifist stance during the early years of World War I. He earned widespread critism for his anti-semitic views and writings. He also failed when he ran for Senate in the State of Michigan. (HISTORY.com)
  • Edsel Ford named President

    Edsel Ford named President
    Edsel was named President of Ford Motor Company. One of his contributions was styling all of the Ford Motor company cars. He did that by adding features that made the cars useful and luxurious, (HISTORY.com). Edsel's son, Henry II took over the company in 1945, after Edsel's death.(Henryford.org)
  • Ford largest manufacturer

    Ford largest manufacturer
    Ford Motor company is the largest car manufacturer in the world. Ford also made many of the parts that went into the cars including the steel and tires. By 1936, General Motors and Chrysler Corporation pushed Ford into third place. (henryford.org)
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    The Great Depression occured between 1929 and 1939. It is the longest lasting economic crisis in U.S history. It began after the stock market crash in October, 1929. Over the next several years, people spent less money on things like cars. This meant Henry Ford had to lay off a lot of people and give the rest of the people that still worked at his company little pay. (HISTORY.com)
  • World War II

    World War II
    World War II was the second world war. It lasted from September 1,1939 to September 2,1945. It was the most significant period in the 20th century. It led to post-war changes like the end of the Eurpoean colonialism, civil rights movements in the United States and modern women's rights. It included Germany, Italy, Japan as the axis nations. Great Britian, USSR and the United States were the ally nations. The United States and the USSR were the victors. (Historynet.com)
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    During a surprise morning attack, the USS Arizona, a US battleship based in Honolulu, Hawaii, was bombed and sunk by the Japanese. This attack is the deadliest attack on US soil killing 1,177 people, (CNN.com). After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Ford Motor Comapny began supplying airplanes, tanks, and other equipment to the military. (Henryford.com)
  • Ford's death

    Ford's death
    Henry died at the age the age of 84 when he suffered a fatal stroke near his home in Fair Land, Dearborn, MI. He left behind his wife, son and grandson, who had taken over Ford Motor company in 1945. (Biography.com)