Henry Ford and the Model T by Gianna Parisi

By efianu
  • Henry Ford and the Model T

    Henry Ford was born on a farm in Greenfield Township Michigan.
  • Detroit

    Henry traveled to Detroit and saw the first self-propelled vehicle.
  • Dream

    Henry moves to Detroit to pursue his dream.
  • Marriage

    Henry marries Clara Bryant.
  • Leaves the farm house

    Henry leaves the farm house and returns to Detroit. He works hard and quickly earns better positions and higher pay.
  • Son

    Henry's only child, Edsel, was born.
  • Quadricycle

    Henry tries out his new gas-powered vehicle, the Quadricycle. It had four big bicycle tires and steered with a tiller.
  • Detroit Automobile Company

    Henry formed the Detroit Autmobile Company.
  • New Company

    Henry started the Henry Ford Company.
  • The Ford Motor Company

    After another failure, Henry started the Ford Motor Company,
  • Model T

    The Model T cost $825.
  • Assembly line

    The assembly line made many Model Ts quickly. Workers would add a particular part to car as it moved on the assembly line.
  • Model T

    Because of the assembly line, Model T's cost $345. Henry doubled its profits from $30 million to $60 million.
  • Ford Motor Company

    By 1927, the Ford Motor Company had made 15 million Model T's.