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Henry Ford's Background

  • Henry Ford's Birth

    Henry Ford was born is Dearborn Township. His parents were William Ford and Mary Litogot Ford.
  • Henry Ford's Mom Dies

    Mary Litogot ford died from complications at childbirth. This event left Henry Ford devastated.
  • Machinery

    Henry Ford find himself start to love machinery. The boredom and loss he feels when his mother dies sparks a love for machinery inside Henry Ford
  • Henry Ford gets married

    Henry Ford marries Clara Bryant.
  • Henry Ford has a son

    Henry Ford and Clara Bryant have a child named Edsel. Edsel will later follow in the foot steps of Henry Ford.
  • Henry becomes chief at Edison Illuminating Company

    After working at Edison Illuminating Company for some years Henry Ford is promoted to chief. This led Henry Ford to work around machines more than he already was, making Fords love for machines even bigger.
  • The Ford Motor Company

    Henry Ford and eleven investors start The Ford Motor Company. This is just the beginning of the legacy The Ford Motor Company will leave.