Henry Ford

  • Henry Ford Born July 30th 1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan, U.S.

    Born July 30th 1863
  • In 1891 Henry Ford became an engineer with the Edision Illuminating Company

  • Ford quadricycle

  • Ford and Malcomson were reincorporated as the Ford Motor Company.

  • Henry Ford introduces the Model T to the world.

  • Ford opens assembly plants in Britain and Canada

  • Ford introduces assembly line

  • Fords Wage Motive

  • Ford Motor Company becomes family business

  • Ford Airplane Company he bought Stout Metal Airplane company

  • Fords Model A was introduced to world it was his second car.

  • Ford turns over company over to his Grandson

  • Henry Fords Son dies

  • Henry Ford Died on April 7th 1947

  • Henry Ford last Breath in a Test Tube