Henri Matisse

Timeline created by JasperWaern
  • Matisse's Birth

    On this date, a young child destined to be a great artist was born. He was born in La Cateau-Cambrésis, Nord, France.
  • Childhood

    Henri was the oldest son of a grain merchant. He grew up in the area of Bohain-en-Vermandois, Picardie, France.
  • Education

    In 1887 Matisse traveled to Paris, France to get a degree in law. Late, in 1891, He went back to Paris to get his art degree.
  • La Académie Julian

    La Académie Julian
    The school that Henri attended was the Académie Julian, in Paris France. The Académie Julian was mostly an art school, but he got his primary education from the Academy.
  • The Dinner Table

    The Dinner Table
    This painting, The Dinner Table, was Henri Matisse's first masterpiece.
  • Fruit and Coffeepot

    Fruit and Coffeepot
    In 1898, Matisse painted this painting, "Fruit and Coffeepot."
  • Career

    Henri Matisse was originally trained as a lawyer. In 1901, however, he went to an art school in Paris, France that directed him further towards his dream that he established in 1889, whern he started painting.
  • Crockery on a Table

    Crockery on a Table
    In 1900, Henri Matisse painted one of his best pieces, Crockery on a Table.
  • The Green Stripe

    The Green Stripe
    This painting, made by Henri Matisse of his wife Emelie, was made in 1905. It is on display in Statens Museum for Kunst, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • The Red Studio

    The Red Studio
    In 1911, Henri Matisse painted supposedly his most famous painting, "The Red Studio."
  • Henriette lll

    Henriette lll
    In 1929, Matisse sculpted his most famous sculpture, Henriette lll.
  • Famous Quote

    In 1954, Henri Matisse made his most famous quote, about sculpting:"I sculpted as a painter, I did not sculpt like a sculptor. Sculpture does not say what painting says."
  • The Snail

    The Snail
    This is the approximate date that Henri Matisse created his last piece, "The Snail".
  • The Death of an Artist

    The Death of an Artist
    On this day, Henri Matisse had a heart attack and died in his home of Nice, France. He was buried in the Monastére Notre Dame de Cimiez, in Nice. This is also the year that the firt hydrogen bomb went off in Bikini Atoll, in the Micronesian Islands.
  • Period: to

    Henri Matisse's Life

    This is the lifespan of artist Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse. He created greatly well-known masterpieces that are highly prized. He mostly painted oil on canvas, with some sculpting. Oil on canvas is a mixture of pigments that are bound to a canvas with a drying medium. It allows freedom with the paintbrush. He also used fauvism. All dates are approximates, not actual dates of the creating of the masterpieces.
  • Period: to

    Painting era of Henri Matisse

    This span of time was Henri Matisse's strongest point of painting, oil on canvas.
  • Period: to

    Matisse Sculpting Era

    In this timespan, Henri Matisse made at least a hundred sculptures.