Helen Longino (July 13 1944)

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  • Helen Longino (July 13 1944)

    This amazingly talented American philosopher of science is considered one of the most significant figures in feminist epistemology. Longino received her BA from Barnard College in 1966, her MA in Philosophy from Sussex University in 1967, and her Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University in 1973. Her brilliant mind is the author of many articles regarding feminist social and political philosophy and feminist ethics.
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    Some of her most important jobs have attached the current and past situation of females in science. Dr. Longino concentrates on the roles of women in science, philosophy of science, and feminist epistemology. She uses her work to identified and discuss the parameters of scientific knowledge and relations of social and cognitive values.
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    Most of her ideological beliefs are based on Feminist epistemology. This philosophical path emphasized the importance of how values and interpretation of evidence can be influence by our understanding of knowledge. This theory is based on history and facts that explained how gender hierarchies in science had deprived women of the power of inquiry and learning.
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    Longino Is currently working as the Clarence Irving Lewis Professor of Philosophy at Standford University. And some of her most famous publications are; The fate of knowledge (2002), Studying Human Behavior: How Scientists Investigate Aggression and Sexuality (2013), and Science as Social Knowledge (1990).
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