Hatchet Timeline - Vidana

  • The secret

    The secret
    Brian sees his mom with another man
  • The divorce

    The divorce
    His parents divorce
  • Plane Crash

    Plane Crash
    After the pilot has a heart attack and dies, Brian flies the Cessna 406 until it runs out of fuel and crashes.
  • The porcupine

    Brian gets porcupine needles in his leg
  • The fire

    Brian finally build a fire
  • The bear

    Brian sees the bear
  • The missed plane

    Brian sees a plane, But the plane does not see him
  • The cutting

    Brian cuts himself
  • The foolbird

    Brian catches and eats his first foolbird
  • The moose

    Brian is attacked by a moose.
  • The raft

    Brian builds a raft
  • The survival pack

    Brian goes in the plane for the survival pack
  • The rescue

    Brian finally gets rescued after 54 days
  • First feast day

    Brian eats the food from the survival pack.