"Hatchet Timeline"- Sanor

  • The Secret

    The Secret
    Brian was young and he was hanging out with Terry, his friend, at a mall. While they were there, Brian saw his mother with a blonde-haired man with her on a chariot. Brian was stunned and "The Secret" was created.
  • Plane Crash

    Plane Crash
    As the pilot died, Brain had to fly the Cessna himself. After a couple of hours, the plane ran out of fuel and crashed into the Canadian Wilderness, but, hopefully, Brain was able to control it long enough to crash right into a lake nearby.
  • The Adventure Begins

    The Adventure Begins
    After the pilot died, Brian somehow escaped alive through the plane although he was somehow hit and lost a lot of air. He was exhausted and hurt when he reached upon shore. He looked like he had a concussion, but he chose to sleep it off. Two days later, the adventure began.
  • The Attack

    The Attack
    Brain, afte suffering from what seemed like a concussion, wakes up without going into a coma. As dawn comes up in the sky, he tries to get up after all the pain from the crash. As he was up, a swarm of mosquitos and black flies attack him. After several bites and pain, the sun came fully up and they, myteriously, disappear in the air. He then tries to recover, feeling exhausted.
  • The Bear

    The Bear
    Brain had kept the lake in sight so he could find new food to get. While he was there, he saw a bear after he picked some delicious raspberries. But as the bear checked him out, it walked away. He then made it back to camp and his raspberries became syrup and he drank it.
  • The First Feast Day

    The First Feast Day
    It was Brian's TRUE first day. He decided to invent the bow and arrow and decided to get some fish. He missed several times, but after febble attempts, he remebered something. Waters bends light. So he aimed lower. And...BAM!! He hit a fish! He hung it up into the air until it died. He now had food.
  • Berry Hunting

    Berry Hunting
    Before Brian met up with the friendly bear, he decided to pick some berries that he soon called gut cherries. Then, he saw smoe raspberries and decided to pick them. There, he saw the bear.
  • The Fire

    The Fire
    After Brain had a dream, he saw his friend Terry and soon found out he needs the Hatchet to make a fire. He used paper and grass, but it did not work. Then, he regonized he needed oxygen to make it happen. So he blew on it and made a spark again and it ignited. He now had fire and he was now safe at night. But at night, his fire was beginning to die so he blew on it and he got it going again. He slept in intervals after that to make sure it did not die completely.
  • The Failed Rescue

    The Failed Rescue
    As Brain suffered changes, he saw a lake and decided to try and fish. He made a spear and when it didn't work, he decided to "invent" the bow and arrow. He then heard whining and saw it was a plane! He signaled a fire, but it just blew by. He then went on his knees and began to rain tears. He was pretty upset after a failed rescue came along. What is next for him?
  • The Porcupine

    The Porcupine
    It was at night before a plane overhead flew over Brian. His fire was bright and then, a porcupine came in. He heard it and threw his hatchet, only to get hit with the wild animal's spikes. It hit his leg and was extraordinarily painful for him. Then the animal ran away.
  • The Attack Part 2

    The Attack Part 2
    It has been 47 days since the plane crashed. As he continued to hunt, he saw a pack of wolves. He then returned to camp and then he remembered he forgot to make fire and eat even an egg. He feircely changed. He even now is cuting himself. Will Brain ever be saved?
  • The Foolbirds

    The Foolbirds
    After trying to get birds to eat, he aimed for foolbirds. He could not hit them first, but then he tried to aim for the shape of their body. When that failed, he thought of strafing. After several attempts, he hit one! He had his first bird!
  • The Moose

    The Moose
    As Brian began to start the day, a female moose came in and attacked Brian! She kept going at him as long as he moved. So he played dead and moved slowly until he escaped. He had damaged ribs and could hardly breathe, but was still alive.
  • Midnight Strike

    Midnight Strike
    It was the end of the moose attack day and he fell asleep into the night. Then, about 30 minutes later or so, he heard verocious wind blowing. He stared outside and saw a tornado. It blew up his shelter and demolished everything it its path, including the lake! But only one upside. That was that the plane cockpit and tail stuck out. Several days later, he thought to get the pack from it.
  • The Cutting

    The Cutting
    After the two attacks in one day, he finally rebuilt his shelter and other items, starting with fire. In the process, he literally cuts himself with the hatchet, wanting to die.
  • The Pack Part 1

    The Pack Part 1
    He remembered yesterday that there was the survival pack inside the plane. He built his raft and he advanced then. As he made it in, he had to cut his way in. But before he could finish, his hatchet fell into the water! He felt like he failed, but he went under and after attempt two, he recieved his hatchet back! He then cut small triangles into the cockpit of the plane. Before he got to the pack, he saw the dead pilot. His head was nearly meatless, but Brian pushed forward and got...
  • The Pack Part 2

    The Pack Part 2
    ...the pack. He then had to cut bigger holes and finally got through at night time. He then decided to rest for the night and woke up next morning to see what wonders await him then.
  • The Rescue

    The Rescue
    After the day Brian found and took the survival pack from the plane, he opened it up and found tons of things: food, a fishing rod, a .22 survival rifle, a cap, a sheath knife, and an emergency transmitter. He turned it on, but nothing occured, so he put it back and he cooked food. 30 minutes later, a rescue plane came and saw Brian! He was saved from the wilderness. After 54 days, he is saved!