Hatchet Timeline - Del Rosa

  • The secret

    The secret
    Brian's mom is dating another man.
  • Heart Attack

    Heart Attack
    Brian's pilot had a heart attack and left brian alone in the Cessna. He was left to die.
  • The crash

    The crash
    Brian ran out of fuel and knew he was going to crash. He crashed into Lake Minnewanka and almost died. He feared that he was going to die and he was only a couple feet away from hitting a boulder.
  • Food

    Brian found berries to eat.
  • The enemies

    The enemies
    Brian encountered a porcupine and chipped his hatchet. He also encountered a bear but it left him alone.
  • Sickness

    Brian started to throw up because of the gut cherries.
  • New ideas

    New ideas
    Brian made a spear and tried to catch fish.
  • The fire

    The fire
    Brian finally made a fire with his hatchet.
  • The bear

    The bear
    Brian saw a bear while trying to get some raspberries.
  • New Healthy Food

    New Healthy Food
    Brian found raspberries to eat.
  • New Encounter

    New Encounter
    Brian saw a plane and tried to signal it.
  • The missed plane

    The missed plane
    Brian tried to signal a plane but it left.
  • The foolbird

    The foolbird
    Brian caught his first foolbird.
  • The wolf

    The wolf
    Brian saw four wolves by his campsite.
  • The porcupine

    The porcupine
    Brian got hurt by a porcupine
  • The skunk

    The skunk
    Brian met a skunk in his shelter looking for eggs.
  • Fish

    Brian got sick and tired of eating fish for over 40 days and tried to find something new.
  • His shelter

    His shelter
    Brian decided to fix up his shelter.
  • Fish plan

    Fish plan
    Brian decided to make an enclosure for the fish.
  • The moose

    The moose
    Brian was almost killed by a moose.
  • Storm

    Brian's shelter was torn up by a storm.
  • The tail.

    The tail.
    Brian noticed the tail of the plane.
  • The survival pack.

    The survival pack.
    Brian found a survival pack in the plane. But had a tough time getting it out of the plane. He had made a raft to get in their.
  • Contents of the pack.

    Contents of the pack.
    Brian found pots, bandages, and a rifle with 50 shells.
  • The first feast day

    The first feast day
    Brian decided to have a feast.
  • The Rescue

    The Rescue
    Brian met a pilot who recognized his emergency transmitter.