Hatchet Timeline

By liam591
  • Plane crash in canadian wilderness

    Plane crash in canadian wilderness
    Brian was on his way to his father's house in a cessna bush plane when the pilot had a heart attack and died in midair Brian had to make a crash landing into the closest lake and he did.
  • Shelter

    Brian had to make shelter and fast so he found the best place to and well made shelter.
  • Gutcherries

    After makeing shelter Brian realized how hungry he was and set off to look for something to eat and found some berries and he wolfed those berries down and then that night he puked everything he had in his life out. After that he called them gutcherries. (there're reallycalled chokecherries).
  • First Fish

    First Fish
    After puking the gut berries, Brian goes off to find something else less worse than the gut cherries. Suddenly, some fish jump from the lake. That's when Brian tries to catch the fish, and eat it. He 'Invents' a fish spear to catch them.
  • FIRE!!

    In his sleep, Brian dreams of his friend Terry showing him a fire. When he wakes up, he realizes he has to make a fire to keep warm and to cook food, and keep the bugs away. He uses the hatchet to make fire, but the fire quickly goes out. Brian gathers all the wood he finds, and finally, he makes a fire, and he acts like it's his friend.
  • First Meat

    First Meat
    Brian realizes it's been days since he ate meat, exept for fish. He looks around and sees fat, pearshaped birds hopping on the ground. He makes some hunting materials to catch the bird, and cooks it. When he bites it, he never felt better.
  • Tornadooooooo

    A tornado attacks the spot where Brian is residing. When the twister passes, Brian looks at where the tornado has damaged. His shelter is smashed and flattened; the trees in the area blown off their roots; and then he sees the tail of the plane sticking up from the lake. From this Brian gets the idea of diving into the plane to retrieve the enmergency pack.
  • Rescued!!

    After some time, Brian finally hears the roar of an engine. He's delighted to see a plane and wildly motions to catch the attention of the plane. The pilot's a wool buyer, and tells Brian he's been missing for almost a month. Brian's rescued, and the days living wild are over.