• Brian's plane crashes

    Brian's plane crashes
    Brian was in a plane, flying to go visit his father, when the pilot suddenly gets a heart attack. Brian then takes control of the plane and continues to fly the plane until it runs out of gas. He then glides it to the nearest lake that he can find and attempts to land it on the water. He successfully crash lands on the water and makes it to the shore generally unscathed.
  • Builds shelter

    Builds shelter
    Brian decides to build a shelter and finds the ideal location for it one day while searching for food. He comes upon a cave-like structure burrowed into the side of a cliff. He then intertwines branches acrosss the opening to make a crude yet mostly effective wall to block off the wind.
  • Brian finds his first source of food

    Brian finds his first source of food
    Brian goes on a search for food because he is quite literally starving. He sees some birds perched on bushes so he goes over to investigate. Brian then comes across some berries that the birds were eating and tries them. He has now found his first source of food that he needs to survive.
  • Bear encounter

    Bear encounter
    Brian after looking around the sourounding area by his "house", he comes across some rasberries. He is delighted by his find because the previous berries that he had found were too bad tasting to his liking and he was sick of them. He continues to eat them, when all of a sudden he hears a noise off to his right. He turns to look and there about ten feet from him is a giant brown bear. He is petrified by the sight and stays completely still. The bear luckily moves on without conflict.
  • Porcupine attack!

    Porcupine attack!
    Brian while sleeping in his makeshift home wakes up to a noise and movement down by his feet. His naturally reation to this intrusion is to lash out with his feet and throw his precious hatchet towards the noise. Thats when he feels a sharp pain in his leg and looks down to see barbs from a porcupine sticking out of it. He then has to pull them out.
  • FIRE!!!

    Brian finds out that by striking his hatchet against the rock in his cave it creates sparks. He then gets the idea that this could be used to make a fire, which he desperately needs. He then goes out in search of fuel to make it with and after numerous trial and errors he finds the perfect fuel source, birtch peelings. He is then able to create a fire which makes his odds of survival to go up drastically.
  • Signal fire

    Signal fire
    Brian decides to cut enough fire wood and place it on top of a rocky overhang above his dwelling. He does this so that if a plane approaches he can quickly run up to the stack of fire wood and light it on fire to signal a passing aircraft.
  • First fish

    First fish
    Brian makes a spear by using his hatchet to carve it out of a branch. He then goes out to the lake to try and spear a fish. He does this for hours but to no avail. He then decides that if he only had a bow, it would be much easier. He then carves one out of wood and uses his shoe laces as the string. He then uses the combination of both the bow and the spear to kill his first fish. He now has a 2nd source of food beyond scavengering for berries.
  • Search plane

    Search plane
    Brian one day while picking berries hears a search plane approaching. He quickly drops what he's doing and sprints towards the signal fire that he had made. Once reaching it, he sets it ablaze but he is too late. The plane had already passed overhead and Brian had missed his chance of being resucued.
  • Remodel

    Brian one day after a skunk had gotten into his caver dwelling and ended up spraying him, decides to make his home better suited for the wilderness. He does this by replacing the branches with bigger ones that he sticks into the sand. He then weaves branches in and out of these ones to create a more solid wall. He also creates a food shelf where he can place saved food without the fear of animals getting to it.
  • Moose attack

    Moose attack
    Brian while hunting for birds to shoot, gets attacked by a cow moose. The moose rams him repeatedly in the stomach and Brian has to act dead for it to finally leave him alone. He then has to wait for the moose to leave so that he can retrieve his bow, arrows, and spear which were knocked from his hands during the fray.
  • Its a Twister!!

    Its a Twister!!
    One night, Brain is awaken by a tremendous noise that he descirbes, as sounding like a train. He then looks outside and sees a tornado bearing down on him and his home. Brian is completely helpless and the tornado tears his home apart and ends up launching his supplies into the lake where they are lost forever. Brian now has to start over from scratch but he is determined to do so.
  • Survival pack

     Survival pack
    The tornado had switched the position that the downed plane was in so that the tail of it was now sticking out of the water. After seeing this, Brian, decides to build a raft and swim out to it and dive for the survival pack located in it. Once he gets to the plance he chops a hole in the casing and dives inside. He then searches and finds the pack and swims back to shore to find out what the pack contained.
  • Rescue

    Brian finds an emergency transmitter within the survival pack and from it a plane locates Brian. He had been there a total of 54 days. Brian then goes home a better and changed man thanks to his days in the wild.