By brees97
  • The Secret

    Brian has a secret about his mom and some other guy.
  • The Crash

    The plane crashed into a lake.
  • The shelter

    Brian finds shelter.
  • 1st sphere

    Brian created a sphere.
  • Fire

    Brian built a fire out of rocks, & sticks.
  • The Berries

    Brian found delicous berries to eat.
  • The Bear

    There was a bear when Brian was getting berries but, the bear didn't hurt him.
  • The Moose

    Brian was attacked by a moose when he was fishing.
  • The Tornado

    Brian got hit by a tornado the same day he got hurt by a moose. & it destroyed his shelter.
  • The Foolbirds

    Brian found foolbirds to eat so he didn't always have to ear berries.
  • The Wolf

    Brian found a wolf.
  • The night

    Brian was so scared. He didn;t even want to sleep. But, he know that if it didn't attack him then, then it won't attack him now.
  • The Pourcipine

    Brian was in his tent and he didn't know what the sound was & it was a pourxipine and he kicked it and he got attacked.
  • The Cutting

    Brian was getting so tired of being there. & he just didn't want to be there anymore.
  • The Missed plane

    Brian heard a plane & he missed getting to the plane so it could ee him.
  • The Treasure

    Brian found a first aid kit. & it had everything he could ever need in order to survive.
  • The first feast day

    Brian ate most of the food and had a big feast.
  • The Rescue

    Brian got rescued.
  • The End of the Secret

    Brian kept the secret to himself.