Hamburger Timeline by Yi Lun Liu

  • Hamburg steak is defined.

    Hamburg steak is defined.
    Oxford English Dictionary defines humburg steak as salt beef.
  • Modern hamburger sold for 5¢ ea.

    Modern hamburger sold for 5¢ ea.
    Cook Walter Anderson (co-founder of White Castle) creates the modern hamburger by cooking patties of ground meat on the griddle, puts a bunch of messy onions on them, and then finally topping it off with soft yeast buns. They are sold for 5 cents each.
  • Cheeseburger is created.

    Cheeseburger is created.
    Cheeseburger is created when a slice of cheese is placed on top of the patty!
  • McDonald's is founded.

    McDonald's is founded.
    The McDonald brothers shut down their successful barbecue and burger drive-in so they reinvented their drive-through system, focusing only on burgers and fries, and reopened to instant success.
  • Drive-though is made.

    Drive-though is made.
    The first drive through is made when Harry and Esther Sydner opened the first In-N-Out burger stand and Harry uses a two way speaker system.
  • McDonald's first franchise opens.

    McDonald's first franchise opens.
    McDonalds opens its first franchise in Des Plaines, IL for $950. Today the cost to open a McDonalds franchise is $45,000.
  • Burger King created.

    Burger King created.
    Burger King is founded in Miami by James McLamore and David Edgerton.
  • The Whopper is launched.

    The Whopper is launched.
    Burger King sees that their customers were eating at a rival restaurant because their burgers were bigger, so they launched THE WHOPPER.
  • White Castle sells its billionth burger.

    White Castle sells its billionth burger.
  • Ronald McDonald is born.

    Ronald McDonald is born.
    McDonald's fictional character and mascot, Ronald McDonald, is born.
  • Wendy's is created.

    Wendy's is created.
    Dave Thomas creates Wendy's and hopes it will be better than McDonalds.
  • First veggie burger is produced.

    First veggie burger is produced.
    The first veggie burger is produced by Gregory Sams from London. His creation, the VegeBurger, is a big success.
  • "Where's the beef?"

    "Where's the beef?"
    Famous quote "Where's the beef?" for Wendy's commercial is said!
  • McDonald's becomes super popular.

    McDonald's becomes super popular.
    McDonalds becomes so popular that in the nation, one out of every six restaurant trips end there.
  • Largest hamburger served.

    Largest hamburger served.
    In Seymour, Wisconsin, the world's largest hamburger (5,520 pounds) is served. The record still holds and remains today!
  • A movie is made about White Castle.

    A movie is made about White Castle.
    Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, a movie dedicated to the quest for White Castle burgers, is released.
  • Burger King's $200 "The Burger" made.

    Burger King's $200 "The Burger" made.
    As a publicity/charity stunt in London, Burger King introduces limited-edition "The Burger" which costs $200. It is made of Wagyu beef, Pata Negra ham, Cristal onion straws, infused mayonnaise, and a bun dusted with white truffle.
  • Hamburgers still thrive today.

    Hamburgers still thrive today.
    After all these years, the hamburger has changed and improved over time and is still successfully popular today!