Håfa Tourists: A Turning Point In Guam's Economy

  • Pan American Airways

    In the 1930s, Pan Am was the principal international airline of the U.S.
  • Pan Am Clippers

    The first Pan American Clippers shortened travel time for businessmen and visitors from the U.S., Hawaii, Manila, or Hong Kong. Clippers “China Clipper”, famous, stopped in Guam once a week.
  • Period: to

    CEO of continental Airlines

    Roberto Forman was CEO of Continental Airlines.
  • Ernest Hemingway

    Guam was visited by popular novelist, Ernest Hemingway on his way home to Cuba from a vacation in Hong Kong.
  • Henry Luce

    A visit by Henry Luce, founder of Time Magazine, and his wife, Clare Booth Luce, was in 1941 from China.
  • Liberation Day

  • Edward Kloppenburg

    Edward Kloppenburg came as a contract worker to help rebuild Guam.
  • Kloppenburg's Gifts

    Edward Kloppenburg opened a gift shop.
  • Public Law 67

    The law recognizes Guam for a potential in the tourism industry.
  • Executive Order 11045

    President John F. Kennedy revokes naval defense. Lift of security helped develop tourism.
  • Guam Tourist Commission

    In the fall of 1963. the Guam Tourist Commission was established.
  • Guam Economic Development Authority

    The legislature enacted the law creating the Guam Economic Development Authority that caused major development in the tourism economy.
  • 1965 Total Visitors

    In 1965, a total of 500 tourists arrived on Guam for a visit.
  • Himalaya

    The Australian Cruise ship, Himalaya, with 1,200 passengers, stopped in Guam for 1 day.
  • 1966 Total Visits

    In 1966, Guam received a total of 1,500 visiting tourists.
  • Guam America Hotel

    In the late 1960s, Carol and Frank Cook established and operated the first modern hotel, Guam America Hotel, in Maite.
  • First Tourists

    The first tourists to ever arrive on Guam was on a Pan American World Airways flight with109 tourists from Japan.
  • 1967 Total

    In 1967, Guam received a total of 3,500 visiting tourists.
  • Roberto Forman

    Roberto Forman Six of Continental/Air Micronesia began flights between Guam, Okinawa, Honolulu, and Micronesia.
  • Fujita Hotel

    Alfred Ysrael, born, raised, and educated in P.I., opened the Fujita Hotel.
  • 1969 Total

    In 1969, Guam received a total of 30,810 visiting tourists.
  • Period: to

    Norbert Unpingco

    "Bert" was the Guam Visitorss Bureau's first General Manager. He was recruited from Alabama but was locally born.
  • Guam Visitors Bureau

    Guam tourist Commission renamed Guam Visitors Bureau.
  • 1970 Total

    In 1970, Guam received a total of 50,500 visiting tourists.
  • 1971 Total

    In 1971, Guam received a total of 84,885 visiting tourists.
  • Guam Hilton Hotel

    Kenneth T. Jones, Jr. built Guam Hilton Hotel (Now Hilton Guam Resort & Spa) in 1972.
  • 1972 Total

    In 1972, Guam received a total of 108,430 visiting tourists.
  • Public Law 17-32

    Public Law 17-32 is also known as the Guam Visitors Bureau Act. It recognizes the bureau as a public, nonprofit, membership corporation.
  • Public Law 17-65

    The law establishes the Tourist Attraction Fund (TAF). The fund is for the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) to be able to may payments to attract more tourists to Guam.
  • Sunroute Hotel

    Sunroute (Ohana Oceanview) Hotel opens.
  • Pan Am Ends

    Pan American Airways collapse.
  • 1996 Total

    In 1996, Guam received a total of 1,352,361 visiting tourists.
  • 1997 Total

    In 1997, Guam received a total of 1,373,210 visiting tourists.
  • 2000 Total

    In 2000, Guam received a total of 1,279,243 visiting tourists.
  • 2002 Total

    In 2002, Guam received a total of 1,031,161 visiting tourists.
  • 2003 Total

    In 2003, Guam received a total of 857,432 visiting tourists.
  • 2004 Total

    In 2004, Guam received a total of 1,120,676 visiting tourists.
  • 2005 Total

    In 2005, Guam received a total of 1,184,928 visiting tourists.
  • 2006 Total

    In 2006, Guam received a total of 1,183,943 visiting tourists.
  • 2007 Total

    In 2007, Guam received a total of 1,180,416 visiting tourists.
  • 2008 Total

    In 2008, Guam received a total of 1,091,907 visiting tourists.
  • 2009 Total

    In 2009, Guam received a total of 1,044,491 visiting tourists.
  • 1 millionth visitor of the year

    A korean family arriving on Guam for a vacation was greeted by Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio.
  • 1968 Total

    In 1968, Guam received a total of 15,082 visiting tourists.