Guitar Timeline

  • First Guitar Like Instrument

    First Guitar Like Instrument
    Romans brought the cithara into Portugal and Spain in 40AD.
  • The Modification of the Cithara

    The Modification of the Cithara
    The Moors conquer the area where the Cithara was popular and introduced the 4-stringed Oud in 700AD.
  • Moorish and Latin Guitars

    Moorish and Latin Guitars
    In 1100 the Oud evolves into two types of 4-stringed guitars: tthe Moorish guitar and the Latin guitar
  • The Vihuela

    The Vihuela
    In the year 1400 the Vihuela is brought into the world. It becomes the preferred guitar for the next 200 years.
  • The Vihuela is Replaced

    The Vihuela is Replaced
    The Vihuela proves to be full of difficulties and hard to play. So it is replaced in 1600 by four and five course baroque guitars
  • The Guitar is Changed

    The Guitar is Changed
    In 1800 general alterations are done to the guitar including fan struts, raised neck and ebony wood fingerboard.
  • Antonio Torres Jurado's Changes

    Antonio Torres Jurado's Changes
    In 1890 Antonio Torres Jurado redesigns the 1800's guitar by increasing the size of its body and neck.
  • Today's Guitar

    Today's Guitar
    After the changes Jurado did to the 1800's guitar we develop the modern day acoustic and classic guitars and use them in our music industry all the time.