Greek Wars

  • Nov 19, 1002

    Persian War

    The Persian Wars werewars fought over Persia's expanding power. They wen't through the countries and gained power by overpowering the cities and towns and making themselves the new leaders. But after a while the towns started to revolt and fight back against them. And they started to do that after the Athens sent a ship to go fight the Persians.
  • Nov 14, 1500

    Peloponnesian War

    400s BC
    The Peloponnesian War was fought by the Athens and the Spartans. This war was caused by both city-states trying to gain power. The Spartans defeated the Athens soldiers after many, many years of war. Athens started out winning the war but towards the end the Spartans had many allies and they defeated them.
  • Macedonian War 1

    This war was fought over freeing Greece from Macedonia. The Romans fought against Phillip V and the Macedonians to free them and in the second war they succeded. At the end of the wars Rome punished the Macedonians then eventually it became a part of Rome.
  • Corinthian War

    The Corinthian War is a greek civil war. The Corinthian war was fought because of old grudges and expanding for power.That was fought between Sparta and many combined city-states like Athens and Corinth. There was no winner of the war as peace was established. This was because it was hard to defeat the Spartans in a land battle but they failed at sea battles. So there was a decisive stalemate.