Great Depression

  • The Crash

    The Crash
    In the United States, people thought their country would not become a victim of the Great Depression that had taken over Europe. However on the 29th of October the stock market crashed sending the United States into their Great Depression.
  • Period: to

    Life during the Great Depression

  • The Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl
    Along with the Great Depression was the Dust Bowl in the middle of the country. The Dust Bowl was taking place in the Great Plains. Which included Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico and Colorado. The Dust Bowl was caused by the lack of crop rotation and basically killed the soil in the ground and drying it up causing dust storms.
  • Unemployement

    At the peak of the Great Depression the unemployed persons in the U.S. had reached 8.7 percent up about 5 percent from when the Great Depression had started. It was becoming a major issue with those who only had their job left to keep them going.
  • Migrant

    Due to the jobless cities in populated areas many people hear of land and jobs in California. They deicide to move themseleves and/or their families to the west for the promise of a better life.
  • Migrant Working

    Migrant Working
    Many workers in search of jobs traveled by themselves. This way they only had themselves to look after, and so nothing stands in their way when they decide to move to another job. Many migrant workers needed the money they were given and were willing to take lower pay if it meant pay at all.
  • Jobless

    The amount of unemployed workers was on the rise. People couldn't find jobs to support their family and factories couldn't take on anymore workers due to their shortages too.
  • Black Blizzards

    Black Blizzards
    The Black Blizzards were what convinced the government in Washington D. C. to take action to try and stop the Dust Bowl. One of the storms was so bad from the Great Plains that it carried the dust all the way up the east coast. When the senate looked out the window of the Capital Building they saw the storm coming and knew the storm had reached them.
  • The Effects of Dust Bowl

    The Effects of Dust Bowl
    The effects of the Dust Bowl are everlasting. Many families and their homes were destroyed by the storms. They were left to help themselves because their farm was the only source of income. Many people heard of the success in California and moved out west only to find the good land was taken and not many jobs.
  • Of Mice and Men

    Of Mice and Men
    The book, Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck was published in 1937, the book focused on the migrant workers during the time of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Lennie and George are traveling together and when they start working at a ranch, many of the workers are lonely and travel by themselves. It seems odd to the workers that Lennie and Goerge travel together, even the boss wonders what George's intensions are with Lennie.
  • The Meaning behind Of Mice and Men

    The Meaning behind Of Mice and Men
    Of Mice and Men was meant to depict the lonelness of people who are in desperate need of a job and money. Lennie and George had each unlike the other men. It is shown in the book that the other men are alone becuase Candy and Crooks want to join Lennie and George in their new life. George becomes alone as well when he kills Lennie. What is Steinbeck say? That every person will be alone in times of need and it is every man for himself?
  • The War Starts

    The War Starts
    After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the U.S. entered World War Two. This meant their were more job opportunities for the unemployed because supplies needed to be made to help the soliders.
  • The Effects of The Great Depression

    The Effects of The Great Depression
    The Great Depression ended when World War two broke out in Europe. Many new systems were put ineffect to help bring the economy out of ruins. People were left homeless and moneyless. But jobs were on the rise.