Great Britain during world war 2

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  • Leader of great britian at the beginning of the war

    Leader of great britian at the beginning of the war
    neville chamberlain was the prime minister of great britian in the beginning of the war. he resigned in 1940 because he realized a national government was not possible if he was the leader and that is what great britian needed to thrive and prosper.
    he came to power in may of 1937.
  • military during the war

    military during the war
    the british military was all volenteers. the government wanted a small army that was quick and could kill alot of people. they didnt need to have a draft. they trained their army to be small and effective.
    they divdided them into differant divisons. they ended up with over 2 billion soldiers voleenteering.
  • Great Britains alliance

    Great Britains alliance
    Great Britain was a part of the allies during ww2. The allies wanted to stop germany from taking over more land. some people believe they wanted to stop hitler from killing jews but this is false. they cared more about land not gettting tooken over than the jews getting killed.
  • great britian before the war

    great britian before the war
    this is a map of britan before ww2. around the time of ww1.
  • Social issues before the war

    Social issues before the war
    in 1929 great britains wall street crashed. unemployment spicked at 20%. alot of goods were rationed and taxes more than doubled. strikes went on the rise as tensions between social partys incressed. a rise of the communist party scared people but they had little power.
    during this time great britain was experiencing a great depression that would soon spread around the world.
  • battle of graveney marsh

    battle of graveney marsh
    this battle was very hush hush. the british didnt want any press about it. it was faught against the background of the battle of britian. it began on september 27th 1940 with no documented end date. most of the details of the battle was not rercoded. what we do know is britian captured one of the germans most modern bombers. they wanted their top engineers to work with it and possibly create better bombers for britian.
  • results of ww2...

    results of ww2...
    after the war britain had a huge social change. they went bankrupt. the debt was about 14 billion. a program called the us marshal aid program helped britian recover quickly from the war. wages went 30% higher than in 1939... prices on food did not rise.
  • government and leader after the war

    after the war, winston churchhill was the prime minister. a prime minister is the sole leader of a country. their government didnt change musch after the war.
  • after the war...

    after the war...
    this is a map of great britain after the war. as you can see they have not changed.
  • after the war...

    after the war...
    this is a map of great britain after the war. as you can see they have not changed.
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  • Period: to

    battle of dunkirk

    germany trapped the britiah and french armies using a method they called the blitzkrieg. they trapped 330,000 men. the british troops were profesional soldiers from the bef. they didnt want to flee because they were professionals. although german fighter and bomber planes attacked the entraped soldiers they never launched a full scale attack.
    it is believed hitler didnt want to attack the bef because britain would get fuled by the anger and attack germany even harder.
  • Period: to

    Battle Of Britain

    The Battle Of Britain was the first major campain to be faught entirely by air forces. it was the largest and most sustained by ariel bombing. it was a fight between great britain and german air forces. germany failed to destroy great britains air force or get them to surrender. this caused other countrys to feel a sigh of relief because they now knew hittler could not take over them by air strike.