Grace La Count and Brei Scott

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    growing tobacco

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  • tobacco fields

    Tobacco growing season started as early as January.Tiny tobacco seeds were planted in seedbed in a protected area.
  • transplanting

    The soil in the field was hoed into small mounds or hills. Tobacco plants where large enough to transplant.
  • tobacco worms

    Slaves had to pull off tobacco worms off by hand off of the tobacco before they could put it in the tobacco barn.
  • tobacco harvested

    Late in the summer or early fall the tobacco was harvested. The entire stalk of each tobacco plant was cut at the bottom and left to wilt.
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    stakes to dry

    leaves were on stakes to dry for a while
  • tobacco barns to dry

    Stakes were hung in tobacco barns to dry for 6 to 10 weeks.
  • bundled into hands.

    Tobacco leaves were dried, and bundled into hands.
  • leaves on stakes are dry.

    Leaves where taken down and stripped for stalks.
  • Hands of tabacco

    tobacco leaves were packed into barrels called hogsheads.
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    tabbacco worms

    people had to take worms off of tabbacco leaves with their bare hands