GPS Tracking Devices

  • Inventor of GPS

    Under Dr.Ivan Getting’s direction Aerospace engineers and scientists studied the use of satellites as the basis for a navigation system for vehicles moving rapidly in three dimensions, ultimately developing the concept essential to GPS
  • First GPS

    The first satellite for the Navigation System with Timing and Ranging Global Positioning System was a refurbished Timation satellite, launched in 1974
  • True GPS

    The first true GPS satellites, known as Block Is, launched in 1978. tracking.html#ixzz2JNeQrsm5
  • Ronald Regan

    President Ronald Reagan ordered GPS made available for civilian national and international use, and commercial GPS equipment for surveying appeared on the market in the mid-1980s
  • Modern GPS

    The first Block II satellite launched in 1989. Block IIs have an improved security system and radiation-hardened electronics.
  • Tracking Devices Available and Popular

    Available for cars,cell phones,computers, children,humans, felons, inmates, animals
  • Advancement of GPS

    They will be smaller devices, cheaper prices and with more accuarcy