Globalization of Technology

  • Estimated Start of the Second Industrial Revolution

  • American Nationalism Increased through railroads

    good - increaced nationalism, increase production, move ideas quickly, connect people bad - took away Native Indians' land inorder to expand and make railroads
  • The first telephone Call is made

    The first telephone Call is made
    Through the discovery of electricity energy is cleaner and cheaper to produce. The invention of the telephone soon followed. Good from telephone: increased communication, increased sense of nationalism
  • The Effiel Tower was opened

    The Effiel Tower was opened
    The Effiel tower represented the astonishing use of stronger more mallaleable metal, steel. Good about steel - increases global communication through stronger ships and railroads, increased sense of nationalism through monuments like Effiel Tower.
  • Tractor

    First Iron Tractor was invented by John Froelich. Made farming much more efficient--boosting world agricultural economy.
  • Airplane

    The Wright Brothers had their first successful flight. Airplanes made intercontinental travel possible.
  • Ford's Model T

    Ford's Model T
    The first commercial automobile made transportation more accessable for everyone.
  • Assembly Line

    Assembly Line
    A more efficient mass production system drove more efficient outports, from the U.S., around the world.
  • African Colonization

    By this time european technological dominance has allowed France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Britain, and Belgium to carve out Africa into several colonial possessions.
  • Machine Guns are used during WWI

    The cost of war becomes more and more brutal and technology gets more and more advanced. Machine guns allow a single man to take out an entire less technologically advanced army.
  • The Television is invented

    The Television is invented
    The first television is invented. Now people from different sides of the globe can see what is happening on the otherside in moving pictures. Now someone in America can see the starving children in Africa. good - a deeper sense of global nationalism is formed
  • The first atomic bomb is dropped

    The first atomic bomb is dropped
    good - ended a war
    bad - in the race for each country to create the greatest warfare technology a bomb is created that can take out entire towns. The atomic bomb ushered in a new a new age of atomic and nuclear warfare.
  • The Micral, the first personal computer is released to the public

    The Micral, the first personal computer is released to the public
    Personal computers increase typing speed and allow for faster communication.
  • First cellphone invented

    First cellphone invented
    cellphones increase communication around the world
  • The Internet is released for use by the public

    The internet allows for communication faster than ever before. good - faster communication, can increase nationalism bad - with people now able to talk anonymously comments become more rude, messages of hate spread quickly, can feel more distant from the people around you
  • Facebook released to the public

    Facebook released to the public
    good - allows people to be more interconnected