World Events Cause and Effects (1900-1999) Candace Cang and Nicole Lorenzo-A 10/8 4th Period

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassination

    The cause of ArchdukeFerdinand's assasination was that people didn't want Ferdinand to be the heir of the throne. The effect would be Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia for the death and then tensions grew. Allies made the groups larger and World War 1 began.
  • Treaty of Versallies

    The cause of the Treaty of Verasilles was because Germany had attacked France and got lots of countries involved. The effect was, it officially ended World War One and gave consequences towards Germany. Germany had to shorten the military, pay for destruction, but as many years past, Hitler changed many rules.
  • German Depression

    The cause of the German Depression was the Treaty of Verasilles because they had to pay alot of money since the blame was on them. That lead to money becoming worthless. The German Depression hurt Germany in a bad way. It raised up prices of supplies because of how scarce they were. Also people didn't always have food and clothes available. As well as many other basic supplies. The depression also effected America. America slowly became part of the depression as loans were given away.
  • Holocaust

    The cause of the Holocaust was that Germany was desperate to have a leader. They chose Adolf HItler. This because he convinced them to give up all their rights and be more powerful so he could eventually take over Europe. Europe lost about 2/3 of its Jew, about 6 million were killed. Many of the Jews lost family and friends which effected them in a terrible way. The holocaust also effected them in other ways. Over a million of Jews were homeless and were searching for new lives.
  • Invasion of Poland

    The cause of the Invasion of Poland was that England and France let Germany take over small countries until Germany went to invade poland because they wanted to eventually take over the world. The effect of that would be tensions grew between Germany and Britain/France. Germans said the invasion was for defense purposes but others were not convinced so war was declared on Germany. The invasion caused WWII to begin.
  • V-day

    The cause of V-Day was that the U.S had sent Atomic Bombs On Japan so a few days later they surrenderd. The effect of this would be, the day where WWII officially ended. The Axis surrendered and the allied took home the win. German General Jodl signed the contract and WWII was over.
  • Period: to

    Korean war

    The cause of the Korean war was that North Korea was Communist and South Korea was not. That was a conflict. The effect would be dividing Korea into North Korea and South Korea. Many Korean families were split with relatives on either sides of the border due to being communism or non-communism.
  • Period: to

    Atomic Bombs

    The cause of the Atomic Bombs was that militaries wanted to be stronger so they made Atomic Bombs. The effect of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was pretty major. Over 100,000 people died in each bombing and many were wounded. Some were even missing. This also caused Japan to surrender in the war. They couldn't handle all of the innocent people die, so they gave up.
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    Vietnam War

    The cause of the Vietnam war was that North Vietnam was communist and South Vietnam was not so it was a conflict. The effect of the Vietnam War was depressing. Over 2 million people died, 3 million wounded, and hundred thousands of children became orphans. Over $350-$900 billion were paid for the war. The Vietnam War was definitely not a happy moment in history.
  • Berlin Wall

    The cause of the Berlin wall was that in East Berlin was forced to be communist and the people in East Berlin would escape. They built a wall to block people from going to the other side. The effect of the Berlin Wall was very depressing towards Germans. This wall divided east and West Berlin politically and physically. People were not allowed to cross the wall and families were also separated from each other. They were stuck in one side for years and years.