German Expansion Timeline

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  • Adolf Hitler delivering his armistice terms to defeated France

    Adolf Hitler delivering his armistice terms to defeated France
    "Here on the eleventh of November 1918 succumbed the criminal pride of the German Empire...vanquished by the free peoples which it tried to enslave."
  • Hitler's secret meeting

    Hitler's secret meeting
    Hitler secretly met with his top military advisers to boldly declare that to grow and prosper, Germany needed the land of its neighbors. Hitler's plan was to absorb Austria and Czechoslovakia.
  • Union with Austria

    Union with Austria
    German troops marched into Austria unopposed.
  • Munich agreement

    Munich agreement
    Neville Chamberlain met with Daladier and British prime minister in Munich. They were eager to avoid war so they signed the Munich Agreement, which turned the Sudetenland over to Germany without a single shot being fired.
  • The German Offensive Begins

    The German Offensive Begins
    Hitler was not finished expanding the Third Reich so German troops poured into what remained of Czechoslovakia. "Czechoslovakia has ceased to exist"-Hitler gloated. Now Hitler was onto Germany's eastern neighbor, Poland..
  • Blitzkrieg in Poland

    Blitzkrieg in Poland
    The German Luftwaffe (German air force), roared over Poland, raining bombs on military bases, airfields, railroads, and cities. Also German tanks raced across Poland countryside, to give off terror and confusion.
  • War

    On September 3rd, Britain and France declared war on Germany
  • The Phony War

    The Phony War
    Hitler launched a surprised invasion of Denmark and Norway to protect [those countries], freedom and independence
  • Hitler surrendering

    Hitler surrendering
    The world watched Hitler hand French officers his terms of surrender.
  • RAF

    The RAF shot down over 185 German planes, but at the same time they only lost 26 aircraft. Six weeks later Hitler called off the invasion of Britain.