Gerald Ford timeline

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  • Birth date

    Birth date
    in Omaha,NE
  • assassination

    ford escaped two attempts of assassination by 2 different women from California
  • football

    turn down the Detroit lions and the green bay packers
  • Religion

    Became an Episcapalian
  • education

    he attended the university of Michigan in 1937-1937, and attended Yale law school in 1938-1941
  • He was a male model

    He was a male model
    He need easy money in law school so he did a photo shoot
  • Opened a law school

    Opened a law school
    In Grand Rapids with a friend named Philip W. Buchen
  • Almost died

    Almost died
    He nearly lost his life when a typhoon hit his Navy aircraft carrier during World War II.
  • military

    lieutenant commander
  • undefeated through 13 elections.

    undefeated through 13 elections.
    He was a Congress me and went undefeated through 13 elections
  • marriage

    Betty Ford, at the Grand Rapids
  • Michel Gerald ford

    Michel Gerald ford
    birth date; 1st kid
  • john Gardner ford

    john Gardner ford
    birth date; 2nd child
  • Steven ford

    Steven ford
    birth date of his son, in East Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • susan ford

    susan ford
    birth of his only daughter-born in Washington, DC.
  • jobs or careers

    jobs or careers
    vice president for Nixon
  • Became Vice President

    Became Vice President
    He wasn’t elected to Vice President he was appointed by the president
  • ford pardon Nixon

    ford pardon Nixon
    Nixon resigned from presidency so Gerald ford became president.
  • Became president

    Became president
    Wasn’t elected had to take over for Nixon
  • Clemency for draft evaders

    Clemency for draft evaders
    The government announces a clemency whereby draft evaders and military deserters could “earn their return to the mainstream of American society” by performing alternative services.
  • Betty ford battles breast cancer

    Betty ford battles breast cancer
    First Lady Betty Ford undergoes surgery for breast cancer. she survives it.

    He took his dog out to go to the bathroom and forgot to have the elevator down and the stairs door only went one way
  • Federal Elections Campaign Act

    Federal Elections Campaign Act
    Ford signs the Federal Elections Campaign Act of 1974, the most significant attempt at campaign finance reform since the 1920s.
  • Freedom of Information Act passed

     Freedom of Information Act passed
    it was passed over ford's veto.It provides expanded access to government files and allows secrecy classifications to be challenged in court and justified by the appropriate federal authorities.
  • Privacy Act of 1974

    Privacy Act of 1974
    ensures the right of Americans to individual privacy.
  • Commission to review CIA abuses

     Commission to review CIA abuses
    Ford announces the creation of a presidential commission, known as the “Rockefeller Commission,” to review abuses by the Central Intelligence Agency, including mail opening and domestic surveillance.
  • Tax Reduction Act of 1975

    Tax Reduction Act of 1975
    Ford tells the nation he will reluctantly sign the Tax Reduction Act of 1975, which calls for a $22.8 billion tax cut.
  • political party

    political party
  • He played himself in a movie

    He played himself in a movie
    It was called Dynasty and his wife appeared on it to
  • death

    from a cardiovascular disease