George F. R. Ellis, 11 August 1939 - Current

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  • Biography 11 August 1939 to Current

    George Ellis was born on 11 August 1939 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr. Ellis is a professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Capetown. His professional research work concentrates on relativity theory and cosmology. He wrote over 200 scientific papers as well as several books including one he wrote along with Stephen Hawkins called "The Large scale Structure of Space Time". “George Ellis.” Royal Society, 2007,
  • Ellis and Cosmology

    Ellis adopted a study to classify anisotropic solutions "the property of a material which allows it to change or assume different properties in different directions as opposed to isotropy" from Einstein's equations. This helped form the analysis of observables in cosmology. Ellis, George. “Issues in the Philosophy of Cosmology.” Arxiv, 2008,
  • Cosmology in the eyes of the Doctor

    George Ellis's view on Cosmology is that there are three forms, Observational Cosmology, Physical Cosmology, and Astrophysical Cosmology. Observational Cosmology is the geometry of the observable universe and the matter that is in it by observing the radiation being put out by objects. Physical Cosmology is the the study of integration leading up to the Big Bang. And Astrophysical Cosmology is the study of what the result of the Big Bang has created.
  • Ellis talks about Cosmology

    Ellis talks about Cosmology