Geologic Time Scale Event Table-mccomish

  • Precambrian Time 4600 MYA

    The Earth formed from planetary nebula. Oldest age dated rocks on Earth.Fossil algae and stromatolites(prokaryotes). Fossil evidence of bacteria. Fossil evidence of cells with a nucleus(eukaryotes). First multi-ceeled oranisms (seaweed and algae). Oldest marine worms and jellyfish.
  • Period: to

    Geologic Time Scale in One Calendar Year

  • Cenozoic Era "The Age of Mammals" 65 MYA

  • Quaternary Period 2 MYA

    First of 4 ice ages - 1 MYA. Oldest direct human-ancestor fossil, Homo Habilis - 1 MYA. First modern man, Homo sapiens - 0.1 MYA. Mammoth and Mastodon bones - 0.05 MYA. Revolutionary War - 235 years ago. World war 2 - 70 years ago.
  • Origin of life (first cells) 3900 MYA

    3900 milion years ago
  • Prokaryotes 3600 MYA

  • Eukaryotes 2100 MYA

  • Paleozoic Era 544 MYA

  • Cambrian Period 544 MYA

    Burgess Shale animals. Animals with no notochord.
  • Ordovician Period 544 MYA

    First fish. First fossil evidence of land plants.
  • Silurian period 438 MYA

    First vascular land plants. oldest lunf fish fossils.
  • Devonian Period 408 MYA

    Oldest fossil evidence os mosses. First insects. First lobe-finned fish. First land animals. First sharks. First seed plants.
  • Mississippian Period 360 MYA

    First possible reptiles.
  • Pennsyvanian Period

    Permian system begins. Snail-backed reptiles (Dimetrodon). End of Paleozoic. 96% of all life on Earth perishes.
  • Mesozoic Era " The age of Reptiles" 254 MYA

  • Triassic Period 245 MYA

    First crocodiles. First dinoosaurs. First mammals (Shrew like). First turtles.
  • Jurassic Period 208 MYA

    Dilophosaurus, early dinosaur. First bird- Archeopteryx. Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus. Stegosaurus.
  • Cretaceous Period 144 MYA

    First flowering plants. Duck-billed dinosaurs. Protoceratops. Triceratops. Tyrnnosaurusrex. Velociraptor. End of Mesozoic, Probably meteor or comet impact.
  • Tertiary Period 65 MYA

    First ancestors of dogs and cats - 64 MYA. Grasses become widespread of pigs and deer - 57 MYA. First horses - 55 MYA. First ancestors of rabbits - 45 MYA. First Monkeys - 39 MYA. Oldest human like ancestors (hominids) - MYA.