Generation Y imprints

  • Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, found dead after committing suicide.
  • Friends

    Hit TV show Friends is realeased.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    Oklahoma City Bombing
    Oklahoma City bombing kills 168 and wounds 800. The bombing is the worst domestic terrorist incident in U.S. history.
  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter
    First Harry Potter book was published.
  • The Price is Right

    The Price is Right
    Bob Barker’s “The Price is Right” game show had its 5,000 episode.
  • Pokemon

    Pokémon became the most popular toy among kids.
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

    9/11 Terrorist Attacks
    Al Queda terrorists bomb world trade centers in New York City, NY.
  • Columbia Space Shuttle

    Columbia Space Shuttle
    Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates upon re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere, killing all 7 astronauts and resulting in a 29-month suspension of the space shuttle program.
  • Facebook

    The Social Networking Facebook is launched.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    one of the top 5 biggest hurricanes to hit the united states.
  • Anna Nicole Smith

    Anna Nicole Smith
    Death of model and actress anna nicole smith from combined drug abuse.
  • Virginia Tech Shooting

    Virginia Tech Shooting
    Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people, injuring 25.
  • Barack Obama Elected President

    Barack Obama Elected President
    Elected 44th president of the united states, also first black US president.
  • Swine Flu Outbreak

    Swine Flu Outbreak
    Swine flu outbreak starts April, 2009 infecting 14-36 million people.
  • Osama Bin Laden Killed

    Osama Bin Laden Killed
    Osama bin laden, leader of 9/11 attacks, killed by US forces. May 1st, 2011.