Gen Z

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    Technology through the ages

  • The Odyssey

    The Odyssey
    The very first gaming console. It was manufactured by Magnavox and was released in north America in 1972. main function for the console was to play video games only and graphics were limited for its time compared to technology now. back then the graphics were pixel and could play the tennis game. The Engineer behind this was Ralph Baer.
  • Flip Phone

    Flip Phone
    The good old flip phone. Released in 1996. It's Primany use was to text and call. no other use for it. it was very mobile and had access to cellular data. it weighed less than 4 ounces. it was not touch screen but had to press actual buttons. Creator and founder Motorola's StarTAC.
  • Release of the iPod

    Release of the iPod
    The iPod was first released to the public in 2001 and Invented by Steve jobs and Tony Fadell. Its use was for text and calling on Wi-Fi only and use many different media platforms like Instagram, twitter, fakebook, etc.
  • nintendo wii

    nintendo wii
    The first Nintendo Wii released in Nov, 19 2006. It's use was mostly for games but there could be other platforms performed on such a device like Netflix and watching Tv shows and movies. Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Wii also known as the creator of Mario.
  • Fit Bit

    Fit Bit
    The Fitbit was released back in 2009 to help individuals track the amount of steps they did in a day. Invented by two guys named, James park & Eric Friedman.
  • iPad

    The iPad, Tablet, was a more mobile computer that was easier to access and much more reliable. Such a device had the capability to stream movies, play games, look up information on the internet. it was not capable of making calls or text but had access to face time calls. Invented in Mar,7 2012 by, Of course you guessed it, Steve Jobs.