Gauss-Jordan Elimination Method

  • 300 BCE

    Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art

    Authored in China and was the first place the elimination method appeared.
  • 650

    Magic Square

  • Issac Newton

    Issac Newton wrote notes which described the method and was the first to do so in Europe.
  • Carl Friedrich Gauss

    Gauss devised an algorithm to solve least-squares problems and referred to the method as "commonly known".
  • Gauss-Seidel algorithm

    A finer method which was used for his work on the triangulation of Hanover.
  • Arthur Cayley

    Matrices were introduced into mathematics
  • Wilhelm Jordan

    Jordan wrote a method for elimination for transforming a matrix into reduced echelon form
  • B.-I. Clasen

    B.-I. Clasen wrote a similar method as Jordan in the same year.
  • Manchester Baby

    The method of elimination was also implemented in the first stored-program digital computer.
  • Current uses

    The Guass-Jordan Elimination Method is now currently used in mathematics classes such as algebra 1, algebra 2, linear algebra, etc. to solve systems of linear equations.