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Galaxy Man comics

  • Store mascott is designed

    The art class holds a contest to create a store mascaott. Over the years, this character is illustrated by many famous comic artists.
  • Galaxy Man name chosen

    Galaxy Man name chosen
    After meeting Humberto Ramos at Heroes Con, I inspired to update "Kidd Quest's" name to Galaxy Man. Cosmic Girl's name soon follows.
  • 1st library appearance

    As part of Teen Week, "How to Draw" classes were offered at Gwinnett County Libraries. Kyle taught at the Snellville, Buford, Lilburn, & Norcross locations.
  • Coloring book

    Early concept art is presented in the coloring books published by the Hudgens Center for the Arts.
  • Early illustrations in coloring book

    The Galaxy Man activity book is published as part of the Hudgens Center's promotions.
  • Galaxy Man #1 museum edition

    Galaxy Man #1 the comic is published! The local print run of 250 copies quickly sells down and the book is promoted on local TV, radio, and extensively through the newspaper. Reviews are very positive.
  • Period: to

    A Galaxy of Heroes featuring Galaxy Man

    Reaching out to the community, Galactic Quest puts together "A Galaxy of Heroes" exhibit at the Hudgens Center for the Arts. 2,000+ attendees discover over 60 beautiful original art pieces.
  • 1st Theme song

    Our "Galaxy Man" comic book efforts continue to gain popularity. An official theme song is created by Radio Cult and our "How to Draw" classes are presented at over 37 locations! Artists continue to gather every Monday in Lawrenceville and commissioned art sales continue to increase.
  • Galaxy Man #1 releases

    Galaxy Man #1 release party! Monday nights are a huge attraction with artists and creative folks from all over visiting. The official release of our very own comic has been very well received.
  • Galaxy Man #2 releases

    Free Comic Book Day! A wonderful success and the release of Galaxy Man issue #2.
  • 1st Savannah Children's Book Festival

    Galaxy Man comics are featured at Savannah Children's Book Festival. It's a beautiful Saturday in the park and thousands of kids discover the character for the first time.
  • 1st costumed appearance

    The Galaxy Man costume debutes in Savannah.
  • is launched as a direct result of our requests to Diamond to increase awareness of All Ages comics. Check out this excellent resource for parents, schools, and libraries.
  • 1st TV appearance

    Free Comic Book Day! One of the best days in our store's history. More first time readers, more books given away, more music and costumes! The most fun we've ever had in one day. Thank you everyone for coming out! Galaxy Man even made his TV debut on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta.
  • Period: to

    1st big summer of Galaxy Man appearances

    Our comic creation becomes more popular and costumed appearances are in demand! Allen & I do artist appearances at...
    Barefoot in the Park (May 8th & 9th), Fanaticon in Ashville NC (May 15th), Heroes Con (June 4th-6th), and the Suwanee Book Festival (Aug 28th & 29th).
  • Galaxy Man #3 releases

  • 2nd Savannah Children's Book Festival

    100 copies of Galaxy Man comics sell at Savannah Children's book festival. Production of issue #4 continues.
  • Savannah Writer's Conference

    Armstrong University hosts Kyle as the keynote speaker for thier writers conference. 60 teachers learn how to use comics in the classroom and Galaxy Man comics do very well.
  • Galaxy Man trading card @ Fanaticon 2

    The first Galaxy Man trading card is created for Fanaticon 2. Galaxy Man is well represented.
  • Galaxy Man #4 nears completion

    The fourth issue seems to be even more involved than #1-3. Tons of new characters, a new writer, and a much busier promotional schedule means a longer wait for the next issue. But all the colors and lettering is down. Now we put the final touches on the book.
  • Issue #4 arrives!

    Issue #4 arrives!
    Galaxy Man #4 finally arrives! This issue proved to be very challenging with a new writer and issues with the printer. But the most exciting aspect is the number of new characters that are introduced.
  • Diamond Retailer Summit

    Galaxy Man is introduced to retailers at Chicago's Diamond Retailer Summit and C2E2.
  • Facebook page launches

    Galaxy Man turns to Facebook to help get the word out.
  • Diamond Previews lists Galaxy Man for national distribution!

    Diamond Previews lists Galaxy Man for national distribution!
    A huge honor to finally reach National Distribution for the series. Issues 2-4 were listed in the following months.
  • Hero Cats artwork sells

    Our first art for the upcoming Hero Cats project sells at the 2012 Heroe's Convention. The entire team is very eager to bring out next book to the market and expand the Galaxy Man universe.
  • Hero Cats remaining art sells

    The entire Hero Cats book is completed and all the original pencils sell. This helps us fund future comic printings.
  • Hero Cats #0 advanced shipment arrives

    Hero Cats #0 advanced shipment arrives
  • Hero Cats #0 main shipment arrives

    After plenty of challenges, the book finally arrives and sells incredibly well.
  • Fairburn parade

    Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl appear in first parade / Fairburn Ga
  • Planned Pethood fundraiser

    We raised almost $1,000 for Planned Pethood.
  • Tracy Yardley's signs on as new regular artist

    Tracy Yardley's signs on as new regular artist
  • Issue #3 pencils completed

    After Heros Con 2013, we sprinted through pencils and finally completed #0-3, enough to compile into a potential GN.