Gabriel Cruz Period 5

  • The beginning of the scientist

    The beginning of the scientist
    When Alfred Binet was born. He was born in Nice, France where he grew up. He was the only child of a physician father and an artist mother. His parents got separated when he was a young child.
  • Period: to

    Gabriel Cruz

    Alfred Binet was a person that cared about children. Also that worked as a director in a laboratory.
  • Alfred Binets Education

    Alfred Binets Education
    Alfred Binet recieved his degree in law school and gave him many options for Jobs. He wanted to go to medical school but he decided that psychology was more important to him.
  • Binets Job

    Binets Job
    Alfred Binet worked at a neurological laboratory in Paris,France. He was a pioneer in the field. At that time the director Jean-martin was studying with hypnotism. Alfred was strongly influenced by this great man.
  • Alfred Binets children

    Alfred Binets children
    His daughters were Madeleine and Alice Binet and Alfred Binet was studying them for along period of time. This period was about twenty one years. Alfred did this because he was trying to solve an experiment that was about development.
  • The change in Jobs

    The change in Jobs
    Alfred Binet took a Job in a laboratory of Physiological Psychology. He was very good working at his Job. He worked a year without pay and years later took over the director position. Alfred held this position till his death.
  • The invention of the IQ test

    The invention of the IQ test
    Alfred Binet made this test for children of disabilities. Children which were labeled as retarded at the time. Binet also wanted to measure the difference between normal and abnormal children in classrooms. If the child had problems he would be placed in special classrooms.
  • Binet-Simon Scale

    Binet-Simon Scale
    They made a new test for intellegence. It was called the Binet-Simon scale and later they revised the test by dropping,modifying, and adding tests. Also, they arranged the test into age levels from three to thirteen years old.
  • Different languages

    Different languages
    A man name Goddard a champion of the eugenics movement brought the Binet-Simon test to the United States and translated it to English. Lewis Terman used this as an large American sample as well. This invention was an advantage to the United States
  • The death of the scientist

    The death of the scientist
    When Alfred Binet passed away, he was a director at his Job. Nobody knows where he died and how Binet died. All the people were sad and especially the jobs he worked in.
  • After the death of Alfred Binet

    After the death of Alfred Binet
    The Free Society for the Psychological study of children that promoted the itelligence test changed their name to La Societe Alfred Binet in memory of him.