From Wall Street Crash to the Beginning of the Second World War

  • Factory output starts dedining

  • Period: to

    Cause of Second World War

  • The hostest day of the year

    It is also the latest day of rising prices.
  • The Babson Break

    Roger Badson, economic forecaster, says 'Sooner or later a carsh is coming and it may be terrific.' The index of share prices dropss ten points.
  • Market recovrs

  • Busy trading

    Much selling. So much treading that the 'ticker'. The index of share prices drops ten points.
  • Busiest trading yet

    Big falls. Banks intervene to buy stock. Confidence returns. Prices stabilies.
  • Massive fall

    Index loses 43 points. It is clear that the banks have stopped suooprting share prices.
  • Massive fall

    People sell for whatever they can get.
  • The Manchurian Crisis begin

    Japan bagins building a Pacific empire.
  • The New Deal- Hundred Days

    Emergence Banking Act
    Securities Exchange Commission
    Federal Emergency Relief Administration
    Civilian Conservation Corps
    Agricultural Adjustment Administration
    Tennessee Valley Authority
    National Recovery Administation
    Public Works Administrtation
    National Industrial Recovery Act
  • The Rearmamennt

    He promise to make Germany strong again and to challenge the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. He knew German people supperted the rearmament.
  • The Saar Plebiscite

    League of Nations held the pomised plebisicite for people to vote on whether their region to German rule. Beacuse the Saar Plebiscite it was through leagal and within the terms of the Treaty.
  • The Second New Deal

    Wanger Act
    Social Security Act
    Works Progress Administration
    Resettlement Administration
    Farm Security Administeration
    National Labour Relation Act
    Soli Conservation Act
    National Housing Act
    Fair Labour Standards Act
  • The Spanish Civil War

    This war is about the Communists and Republican. Hitler heats The Communtsis. So he saw thus as an opportunity to fright against the Communists.
  • Abyssinian Crisis

    The Italy invades Abyssinian.
  • Remilitarisation of the Rhineland

    Rhineland is a city in Gemany. Treaty of Versailles not allows having army in Rhineland. But Hitler didn't perform this rule, he took his first really big risk by moving trops into the German.
  • Anschluss Austria

    Hitler turns his attention to his hometown Austria, because ther are mant German people in Austria. Many people in Austria supported the idea of union with German. But their economically eas weak. Hitler thinks he could bring them together into a 'Greater Germany'. There is a strong Nazi party in Austria. Hitler encourages the Nazi to stirup trouble for the govement.
  • The Anit- Comintern Pact

    The Anit- Comintem Pact it mean "Anit-Communist International". Italian leader Mussolini also heaving involed in Spenish Civil War.
  • The Sudetenland

    In 29th Sep, 1938, Given the Sudetenland to Germany.
  • The end of Appeasement

    The right policy at the right time- Britain didn't ready to have a war. Hitler was right about the Treaty of Versailles.
    The wrong policy but only with hindsight- Allowed Germany too much time. Scared the USSR (hence the Nazi- Soviet Pact). Beacuse it encouraged Hitler. Give Hitler credibility(army him with success).
    A betraly of the people of Czechoslovakiia- Sudentenland given to Germany. Munish conference. Neville Chamberlain. Hitler initally wanted a plebisctie. Then he wanted more.
  • Invade Poland

    Hitler wantes control whole of Europe.
  • The Second World War Begins

    Over all, those were the reasons let the Second World War begin.