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From Pieces to Weight Timeline

  • Births of Curtis James Jackson III

    Births of Curtis James Jackson III
    Born into a family with 9 other children to a loving mother Sabrina Jackson who was only 15, residing in Southside Queens.
  • Death of Curtis's mother

    Death of Curtis's mother
    Curtis's Mother was a drug dealer, unfortunately things turned for the worst when she was murdered at the age of 23. Curtis was only 6 at the time, after her death Curtis was treated unfairly by the rest of his family.
  • In the Crack Game

    In the Crack Game
    Curtis obtained his first gram of cocaine when he was eleven years old from his cousin sincere. sincere gave curtis the street knowledge he needed to successfully become a drug dealer, Curtis looks up to sincere as family, a friend, and a mentor.
  • The Drug Business

    The Drug Business
    At the age of 13 Curtis started taking raw cocaine and cooking into crack himself to create more profit. Curtis was able to make more of it and sell more of it than he could ever get on consigment from Sincere. He was enlightened to this idea when his cousin Sincere introduced him to his close business partner Carlos. Carlos taught Curtis that it wasnt just the drug game, but it was the drug business.
  • Youngest in the game

    Youngest in the game
    Being only 14 supplying guys twice his age, he had to act the part to make sure he didn't get robbed. Being young and vulnerable, Curtis decided it was best to invest in a small gun for protection from the crackheads and other dealers he had to associate with, because most people from Southside Queens wouldnt think twice about robbing a 14 year old kid.
  • The Jaw Tapper

    The Jaw Tapper
    Curtis couldn't just pull a gun on whoever he thought was going to try something on him, so he took up the sport of boxing. Known for having a temper, boxing helped Curtis control his anger and keep him safe of the streets. "my technique was my sword, but my ability to control my anger during confrontation was my edge"
  • Crack Dealer not a Crackhead

    Crack Dealer not a Crackhead
    his drug business took a sour turn, Curtis was being careless when he forgot a few small vials of crack leftover in his shoe at school. He was busted in a "random search". His blood tested positive for using crack which was most likely absorbed through his skin from cooking. Admitting that would just get him in more trouble, Jackson got twenty two months in a court-mandated drug rehabilitation program.
  • Rehab

    The rehabilitation center focused on making these drug addicts better people and finding inner peace. But they were still strict and quick to intimidate the threat of jail on any disobeying junkie. Curtis was not keen on the rules in the rehab, but instead of playing against them he decided it was better to play with them. He would disobey every rule he could when no counsellors were around, but as soon as an inmate would complain he would play innocent.
  • Finally Free

    Finally Free
    Curtis eventually made it throught the rehabilitation program and didnt learn a single thing. Jackson found that it didn't matter what people knew, but what they thought.
  • Hustling Hard

    Hustling Hard
    When Curtis got back on his feet he was back Hustling harder than before, it was all he knew. But when you commit a crime everyday for 365 days a year you are bound to get caught. Well he did get caught again for missing his court date, when the cops came looking for him they also found his drug boutique set up in his room, with enough crack cocaine to sink a ship.
  • Bars or Bootcamp

    Bars or Bootcamp
    Curtis had the choice to serve his full setence in jail, or a shortened time in a bootcamp for criminals. The choice was obvious.
  • Bootcamp

    Jackson found himself in the Monterey Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility, nothing less than a bootcamp for criminals. For the next six months he would spend his days here working out all day everyday, being yelled commands by the drill instructors that knew nothing but discipline and pain who had a captive audience to experiment with.
  • Super-Criminal

    Curtis Jackson was far from rehabilitated, he was now a stronger, meaner and more focused criminal than before; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Curtis continued to sell drugs for a few months to make enough money to support himself, until he found out he was going to be a father. Curtis quit dealing and began rapping to create a better environment for his kid. He is now known as 50-cent.