Frindle VCS4T

Timeline created by menchc
  • 3rd Grade Tropical Island

    3rd Grade Tropical Island
    Nick turns the classroom into a tropical paradise complete with sand and dancing the hula.
  • 4th Grade "Peep"

    4th Grade "Peep"
    Nick learns to make a blackbird sound, a high pitched "peep." Whenever the students made this noise, the teacher could never figure out where it was coming from.
  • Nick Enters 5th Grade

    Nick Enters 5th Grade
    When Nick enters 5th Grade, he is worried about Mrs. Granger, the Language Arts teacher.
  • Nick's Report

    Nick's Report
    Nick asks about the dictionary to waste time, and Mrs. Granger has him give a report to the class
  • The Big Idea

    The Big Idea
    Nick finds a pen in the street and decides to name it Frindle.
  • Detention

    Students who use the word "frindle" instead of pen receive a detention from Dangerous Grangerous.
  • Nick Makes ther News!

    Nick Makes ther News!
    Nick is becoming famous. His story appears in the newspaper, and then Nick is invited to be on TV shows
  • A Contract With Bud Lawrence

    A Contract With Bud Lawrence
    Nick does not know it, but his dad signs a contract with Bud Lawrence. Bud will use the name frindle, and money will go into a bank account for Nick.
  • Nick's Food Idea

    Nick's Food Idea
    Nick is back to his old self and gets them to make the food at school more appealing to students.
  • Nick Graduates High School

    Nick Graduates High School
    Nick graduates and learns about his trust fund.
  • Nick's Gift

    Nick's Gift
    Mrs. Granger sends Nick a brand new dictionary with the word frindle in it. She sends him her favorite maroon fountain pen and the letter he signed ten years ago.
  • Mrs. Granger's Gift

    Mrs. Granger's Gift
    Nick makes a scholarship fund in Mrs. Granger's name and sends her an engraved gold fountain pen
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