Frida kahlo, by guillermo kahlo 3

Frida kalho

  • Early life

    Early life
    •1907 6th july: born in Mexico.
    •the father was a photographer and the mother a wealthy.
    •He initially studied at the Aleman College, wanted to become a doctor so he enrolled in the preparatory Escuela Nacional.
  • Chosen for art

    Chosen for art
    •It was her stubbornness that made this painter an icon.
    •Frida was noticed early in the 20th century.
  • The art mission

    The art mission
    •Frida’s first work was made in 1940 is a self-portrait that gives to a boy she is in love with.
  • After

    •Frida was married in 1929 to Rivera Diego.
    •She also continued to paint.
  • death

    •She died of a pulmonary embolism at 47 on July 13, 1954.